Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Brother I Lost

This is my true Ouija board story.

I was 17 when I first bought a Ouija board. It was summer time when I got home that evening from shopping. So later that night I asked my sister to play she said okay so we went to my bedroom and sat across from each other on floor and lit a couple candles. The board started to move after bout 15 minutes of trying to get hold of someone. We asked for a name and it spelled out AZ. So we started asking questions about ourselves and it was telling us the truth.

Me and my sister kept playing the board game from time to time after that. Finally one night I was hanging out with a couple of my friends in my room listening to music. When I mentioned that I had a Ouija board
they all stopped doing whatever they were doing and all wanted to play so I said okay.

We did the same thing, Us four sat on my bedroom floor lit some candles and waited. Finally after about 10 minutes we got hold of someone. It started to move but not make sense when my buddy started saying rude stuff to the Ouija board then the board stopped moving then I asked who was there then again it spelt out AZ.

I told my friends about AZ how when me and my sister played we always got this one character. So we started asking questions. I asked what we were going to do tonight so AZ told us we all were going to go out and party, find money and buy 2 - 6 of Bacardi bootleg price off my friend. We all laughed because we didn't believe then finally about 11 we got bored of the game and said our good byes.

We were all in the living when we all decided to go for a walk so we did. We were walking in the path when my buddy found a wallet with money in there. We all didn't think of the Ouija board when we decided to have a few drinks so I said I know where to find a bootleg so we all went walking to my friends place.

When we got there my friend started freaking out when I said remember when we were playing the Ouija board said we were going to find money and party and buy bootleg? Then we all were thinking so I knocked on the door my buddy opened then we asked him if he has anything but he told he only had 2 - 6ers so I told him I'll take it. A couple minutes later my heart started pumping. I told him it better not be Bacardi then he's like why? Then he showed me it was a 2 - 6 of Bacardi then that's when I started to freak out.

I showed my friends the bottle then they said they don't wanna play anymore so we took off and had a great night.

I've got a lot of good stories about AZ and what he did to me but it will take a long time to write but here's my last most shocking one of all...

About three months after I bought the board I asked my mother to play. First she didn't wanted to but I made her... this time we played in the dining room. There was me, my sister, my mom and her boyfriend. We sat at the table and lit candles. The moment we all put our hand of the mover it started going crazy spinning around. Finally it stopped and we asked is anyone there then it went to yes. we asked for its name then it spelt out AZ then I told my mom this is the one me and my sister always gets...

We asked our questions and it answered right then finally it kept on spelling I love you. Then my mom asked who do you love then it spelled out you then it started going crazy again. Then my mom asked who are you? Then the AZ spelled out  U R MY MOM.

My mother just let go and started to cry. We all stooped. I looked at my sister confused then my mom said that's my baby then my mom told us that she had a miscarriage and that the baby would of been Aaron Zander... We all freaked out when she said that.

Soon after we kept playing finally my mom wanted to quit so did we all so we said our good byes and AZ told us he loves us and that he's in a good place then he went to good bye.

After that we haven't talked to AZ ever again.  RIP little Brother

Sent in by Scotty, Copyright 201


  1. Oh my god. That's so sad but a really good story, hope it's true.

  2. You're stupid for never talking to your little brother that loves you.

  3. Just read your story and sume athers one of the story's like yours also got hold of az .. but it wazint as nice I think.. .

  4. Hello. I'm Lena. I'm with Zander right now. I'm using all the power tht I would be able to throughout all time to contact the real world. I just want to tell you that Zander says he loves you all and that he wants to tell you that he's waiting for you guys to join him.

    I am Zander's wife now. We shortly have gotten married. I am pregnant. So we will be having a daughter that we will love. We look after eachother and care.

    Don't worry about us and live a wonderful life. That's what we want for you. And the time will come when we will meet you.

    We love you so very much,

    Love, Lena and Zander.

  5. Wait you married a ghost



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