Friday, September 10, 2010

Dark Ouija Board Demons

This story is 100% true. When I was 8 I went to a friends sleepover (Scary Sleepover Stories) and we tried something called a Ouija board and there were 6 of us in a circle and it was midnight. We were half way through midnight still playing with the board when one of my friends dozed off. A second later he woke up screaming. We though he was just trying to scare us but then after a couple minutes we decided he had a nightmare. When we calmed him down he was still shivering and very frightened. He started to tell us what happened. He said a demon called legion told him that he was going to die because he was shivering my other friend shut the window I went to talk to him then we both saw an evil face in the window smiling at us.

My friends face lit on fire but it wasn't burning him it was boiling and then it just stopped and he just looked at me fine but scared. We all decided to go to sleep. I woke up and decided to have a pillow fight the time had just gone to three thirty. I woke up my friend that was at the window earlier and sneaked up to the boy that had the nightmare and hit him with the pillows. He didn't move. We both realized he was stone cold dead.

We woke up the parents and ambulances and police came they said he died of natural causes. We went to the bathroom to get some tissues and saw what we now know as Bloody Mary. One week later my friend that was with me at the window and bathroom was dead. He came up to me at school in the morning saying he was possessed I thought he was joking.

Sent in by Sean

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