Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ouija Board Sleepover

Well, and my four friends were having a sleepover at my friends house, three of them decided to play the Ouija Board. Me and my friend Ashleigh, were a bit worried, so we stayed on the laptop.

When they started they asked if anyone was there, it answered 'yes', so next they asked, 'what is your name?' and they answered 'BAM' so they asked some more questions, and that's when I walked over to watch. When I sat down, they asked it to make a sign that it was there, and the candle we lit up started going up really high, and black smoke came out of it.

I saw my friend Ashleigh crying, so I walked over and she told me she use to have this painting of 'The Crying Boy' which has a curse. (Google: the curse of the crying boy) and that painting was found in many houses, where there had been fires, and only that had survived, and if you know what it does, it will burn your house down. So we were all getting really worried.

They stopped playing it, and since that one night, Ashleigh has almost burned her kitchen down, her back yard, and a shirt caught on fire in her room.

Sent in by Caitlin, Copyright 2010

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