Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ouija Board Haunting in the Hollow

I'm currently 17. My haunting started at a friends house using a Ouija board.

Me and a couple of friends start using it around 3. We started by asking its name and it replied "za". So we started asking random questions like are you good or evil. And it replied evil. We asked if it wanted to hurt us it replied I want to posses  and kill you. I had a feeling it was talking to me.

We did ask how old it was and the number was in the thousands. After it he wanted to posses me, my friend asked why haven't you and it said I was too powerful. In a way I was kind of happy. That's the reason I think it stuck around. So after that we kinda left it alone.

That next day we Googled "Za" and didn't find anything. We found "ZaZa" but no Za... so the next day I went back to my house in the Hollow. That's where everything started happening. I sleep in the living room and like every night at 3:30 I hear it wake up.

I'm thinking it moved with me  to my house. Cabinets would open and close  banging against the wood. I tried to find an explanation on how it would but couldn't find anything. I haven't seen any shadows yet... but at first it was just noises.

Then he started hurting me. At 2:00 at night I was going outside to call my friend. And just as soon as I was about to walk out the door, I felt something grab my shoulder kinda like warning me not to go outside. But I did anyways. About 30 seconds after I went outside I felt a burn in my neck, it hurt. I held my hand on it till it stopped hurting. About a minute later it stopped and I went back inside after talking to her. I went to a mirror and I looked where the burn was and there were five two inch claw marks down my neck. That next day I told my mom. She freaked. So that night I made my own Ouija board to ask it what was going on. When I put my hand on it I froze... I was kinda possessed. I got up grabbed a razor and it made me give it blood. My blood spread all over the board. After it covered it I was released and covered my arm up. So I ripped up the board (wow this is limited I cant tell it all).

Sent in by Jonathan Coonrod, Copyright 2010

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