Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yard Sale Ouija Board

The room is changing. The wall are peeling... This is happening as I live and type. The very thought of it makes my eyes water, my skin tighten, my throat close. I cannot type much of this, for it is in the store room next to this one. I never did fear much, but now I know what fear truly is, what it truly amounts to.

Three days ago I used a Ouija board by myself in the upstairs store room next to my own, separated only by a door. I sat myself down, grabbed up the classically carved Ouija board I bought at a yard sale last weekend, and used a rather dirty shot-glass to pertain to the use of letter/symbol matching. I began speaking quietly, as one would do by themselves doing something incredibly creepy. It's hard to do something like this by yourself, for the mind is one to plays tricks on it's own accord. This was and is not the case.

"Are there any spirits among only I?"

This revelation startled me quite a lot, seeing as how I was always under the assumption that two people must be touching a Ouija board to formulate anything relevant/channel spiritual energy. Not the case at all, in the reality of things. Continuing on, and not without a dry gulp or two, I would ask, "How many spirits reside among me now?"

A pause, strange, distinct clatter from the other room, then,
N O  S O U L

Truly, I must have been pulling my own leg, crafting imagination to suit my fancies, push at the boundaries of my fear. But something was wrong. "What does that mean?" I questioned, now whispering.
 S O U L L E S S

And then,

At this point, the room would spin, my vision becoming blurred. I was crying, my eyes watering up and spilling over, huge globs of tears. I felt sad, alone, more miserable then I ever had felt.
"Who are you? Reveal your name." I could only whimper.

A smell, nauseating, like how dead corpses smell of cinnamon and old carny food, began to brand itself in the open air. Something was truly among me.

I felt warmth creep on my pant leg. I was urinating my pants, uncontrollably. Vision blurring, panicking now, I began to see something in the corner of the room, vivid, blackness.

I ran from the room, giving up all ambition to continue this madness, leaving my house completely. I abandoned the Ouija board before properly closing.

Now I know it is fully within the room, I am certain. I have been in the room only one more time, and the walls are peeling, turning yellowed and stained, the carpet growing moist. The Ouija board is in the corner of the room, and it is so cold where the negative energy seems to be coming from that the walls are sweating with condensation.

I've put Kosher salt along the door line, and it actually seems to be keeping all activity centralized to the store room. Please, if there is anyone that can help, anyone with solutions, I'd like to take care of this myself before putting any others in jeopardy.

Please in God's name help me.

Sent in by Matthew Colvard, Copyright 2010


  1. FAITH IN GOD, HE IS THE MOST POWERFUL EVERYTHING IN ALL UNIVERSE. I'm telling you this by experience!

  2. Say,"In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I command you spirit to leave this place now!" It says in the Bible somewhere that any spirit must obey your command if it is said in the Lord's name.

  3. If you are truly serious, 1. first get rid of the ouija board, contrary to popular belief DO NOT BURN IT!! The board is a doorway in which the spirit(s) cannot return if you burn it. Bury it deep in the ground far away from your home where nobody can find it. Best to take someone with you. Then go back home and forget about the board, forget about having ever touched it. Get a bible and keep it in your room someplace where you can see it. Wouldn't hurt for you to read a passage or two. Keep crosses it your room for awhile. Every now and then stick your fingers in Holy Water and dap your room with Holy Water and also yourself and others in the house. Holy Water is easy to make, Simple tap water with a short prayer said over it like "In the name of Our Father, And of the Son I bless this water" and then left to sit out in the hot sun for 8 hours becomes Holy Water. Use a big pail as you may require as much as possible. Also stand in your room with your cross and working up as much faith as you can saying a prayer like "In the name of Our Father and Of the Lord, I bless this house" Do it in every room. Eventually the hauntings will stop. After that, forget about demons, spirits and ouija boards and forget about ever having touched one and instead find safer ways to entertain yourself. Good luck!

    .. Cory

    1. You have to be joking. First of all, if this person is really experiencing this phenomenon, I really don't think they would still be sitting in the next room writing a blog on the internet. Give me a break. Second, the whole story reads like an old storyteller. No one speaks like that. Are you the reincarnation of a British noblemen from the 18th century? I think not. And third, (and this was the most ridiculous part) You CANNOT MAKE YOUR OWN HOLY WATER BY BLESSING IT YOURSELF AND LEAVING IT IN THE SUN FOR 8 HOURS!!!! Are you stupid? Only a priest can bless the water. There is a reason why only a priest or other ordained man of God can perform an exorcism. Yes the Lord does work through us, but we lack the proper training and authority to command a demon. One cannot simply tell a demon to leave like he's your drunk frat brother committing a party foul and expect him to walk out the door with his head hung in defeat. Don't be an idiot. If that were the case,no one would ever become possessed. I'm pretty sure no one gets possessed because they want to be because they are lonlely and,want a friend to play with. And the comment from the person referring to "God and The Lord" like they are two separate beings gave me a giggle. You know they are the same supreme being right? Before you decide to give religious advice, it would be wise to read a Bible and attend a few services so you have your facts in order.

  4. Dear Anonymous, Oct 8/11, Yes that is exactly right... saying "In the name of Our Father and of the Lord....." This directly gives you authority over the demon from God himself. however, never say "I command you spirit.." Never give the demon power or an identity by talking directly it because that's what got him in that trouble in the first place, say .."I Command this spirit To Leave NOW!!" You have to say it to God, not to the demon, and Say it like you really really mean it.... Believe it!!. You got the power, so Say it and Mean it!! Say it over and over and over again if you have to but you got to work all the faith and belief that GOD WILL REMOVE THE DEMON NOW!!! God IS working THRU YOU!! when it's all done, thank God and the Lord... then just forget any of it happened

    .. Cory

  5. you must believe in god and be born again and live for god and then pray with your mind heart soul... to chat e mail me starlight3344@yahoo.com you have opened a door and unless the blood of Jesus Christ washes you. you and your family are in serious danger I study these things I stay away from tarots,crystals,magick,tea leaves insence and Ouija boards. I do not mess with that stuff. if your not born again and live for God.. whatever your practice is its Dominic.. Jesus is the only way

  6. maaaan, you must have been tripping balls! no, i kid, this is really important. if you haven't already, burry the thing on holy ground. when i did mine, my friend (we are both pagan)and i took the board, the planchette, and the quarter i used as protection to the woods behind the catholic church in his neighborhood. we brought a book of shadows with a wonderful cleansing ritual in it, and we declared in the name of the goddess for all the spirits to be put to rest. over elemental candles we cleansed the board, planchette, and quarter and then burried them deep in the ground burning inscence all the while. it was a truly magical experience and when i entered my house for the first time after that, everything felt at peace with no evil lurking anywhere.

  7. Canst thou cast out Beelzebub by Beelzebub? As a pagan you have no way of gaining authority over this demonic spirit. They are nothing to play with as the disembodied spirits of the giants/hybrids killed by El Shaddai, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You don't? Well they believe in you....www.Genesis6Giants.com, www.stevequayle.com, L.A.Marzulli, ReturnoftheNephilim.com.......do NOT play with demons and think you can win against superior intelligences 1000s of years old stronger, smarter, wiser in human faults and fraailities that any 10000 people combined. Ony theough the shed blodd of Jesus and accepting his freee gift of salvation can you have power, ONLY THROUGH HIM.....NOT OF YOURSELF LEST YOU FAIL....over demonic entities. If it is not from GOD it is a fallen angel or a demonic spirit which can only act through possession of other beings. Bdeware the delusion and temptation of "just playing around with spirits. If not an Angel pf GOD it is the spirit of Antichrist 1st John c1--verses 1-4 New Testament...if it confesses not Say" The Lord rebuke you!" Read Jude 1 it's not long 2nd from the last book in the Bible. NOT AFRAID of confronting demons alone or w/o the power of GOD...you should be....I would.....word to the wise, you've tried all manner of goofiness and abominations...the the Truth, The Name and the Blood of Jesus or Yeheshuah Ha Mashiach Be El Shaddai if you prefer Hebrew. Maranatha Lord.Help us there are many fools here with itching ears to hear and seek and do error.

  8. The demon you encountered is Chernobog, the black god. Hope you're doing well, even though this comment is 4 years too late. Best wishes.

  9. 4 years huh? well if its still happening recite psalm 91 ,burn white sage, and if you can obtain holy water do so, also wear a cross , and when you start feeling the spirit get angry (which you will) do not be afraid. say " i no longer fear you demon for christ is with me! " "in the name of jesus christ i command to leave! you are not welcome here." sprinkle holy water in the room. if this does not work FOR GOD SAKE SEEK HELP FROM A PREIST! i pray this demon has left by now. god bless!



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