Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ouija Board I Was Convinced After This

Right before Christmas 1 year ago, we had a Christmas show for our parents. This time, me and some friends wanted to sing, and while we waited for our rehearsals to begin, we figured that we should try out our homemade Ouija board. We were five girls, me included, and we sat down in the wardrobe right beside the gym.

The way we've learned to do it was by lighting one candle for each person in the room, we took off all of our jewelry, covered the mirrors and warmed up our hands. We took each others hands and smiled at each other, because we all felt the excitement.

Then we said: "We call at you, good spirits. Come to our glass." Or something like that... I don't remember exactly what we said. We all put one finger at the glass, and the leader asked: Are there any good spirits here?

None of us expected anything, but suddenly the glassed moved to "yes". We said hello, and then it all started.

We asked the spirit if he was good or bad, and obviously it said good. The conversation went a little like this:

- Do you know anyone in this room?
- Yes.
- What is her name?
- Vanessa
We stared at Vanessa
- What is the first letter in you first name?
- J (I actually don't remember his name, but lets call him John)
We all looked at Vanessa, but she didn't say anything, just looked at the glass.
- What's your name?
- John
- How do you know Vanessa?
- Grandfather
Vanessa? Is this true? we asked her. She just nodded, still looking at the glass. Me and the other girls was really concerned about her, and asked if she wanted to continue talk to him. Again she nodded.
- To be sure, we want to know when you died. (I just have to say now: me and the other girls had no idea when he died! So none of us at this moment, could've moved the glass)
- 192
Vanessa looks up: Guys, he died 19th of February. At this point, there wasn't anyone that didn't have tears in their eyes.
- Is there something you want to say to Vanessa?
- Goodbye, he said. I saw Vanessa moved a little, and her tears couldn't stop running down her face. She told us that her grandfather died without the chance to say goodbye. I felt my eyes teared up, and I started crying to. Actually, everyone cried. It's one of the saddest moments in my life.

Maybe you won't understand it, but you weren't there. It was unbelievable and amazing at the same time, you could just feel the presence surrounding you, and from that moment I believed in spirits a hundred percent!

Cause I'm thinking: None of us girls knew anything about Vanessa's grandfather, so we couldn't have moved the glass. Of course Vanessa could, but why would she make herself cry? And for the record: She's a terrible actor!

Sent in by Anonymous, Copyright 2010


  1. It's nice to read some good stories about the ouija board.... I actually want to buy one to see if I can find my friend who died over a year ago. Yet I am aware of the consequences. Anyways I believe you 100%!

  2. Thats so SAD im SO glad u GOT TO SAY GOODBYE

  3. im actually thinking of doing this for my grandfather he commited suicide and its been 2 years . i believe in spirits andi really just want answers i need them i need to say goodbye . its all i really want.



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