Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Ghost From a Ouija Board Cut Me

The ghost that came out of a Ouija board and cut me.

I am now 26 but was just 15 at the time. My name is Skye and I am going to tell you what happened on a horrific night I will never forget.

I was in England, where I live, and it was raining hard. Typical weather for February in England. The sky was gray and cloudy, and it was very cold. Around 2 pm, I got a call from my friend Flo, inviting me to stay the night. So I packed my things and my mum gave me a lift to her Flo's house. She told me that our other friends Amy, Seth, John and Jasmine were also coming. 

Flo lives in a small house, owning acres of land. She has fields of horses and also owns part of a forest that starts in her garden, the forest stretches on for miles. We were in her room,  and we talked until about 3 pm. We got hungry and decided to go down for some food. When we got down, Flo's parents were looking in the basement. We went down to see them, and to see what they were looking for. Turns out they had mice down there, and Flo's dad was setting traps and her mum down there giving him a cup of tea. I saw something that looked interesting so I said "hey Flo, what's that?" Flo looked over and picked it up. It was a Ouija Board! "I didn't know we had a Ouija Board mum!" said Flo. Her mum told us that it was hers when she was our age, and that she tried it but nothing happened. As she no longer believed it worked, she let us use it. We got some food  then brought the board back into Flo's room. We decided we would do it late at night, we thought it would add to the effect a bit more. Flo's parents left for the night, because her mum was a singer and was doing a gig in a far away pub that night, and decided to spend the night in a hotel.

At about 1 am, we remembered the Ouija Board. We found some candles from downstairs, and got a lighter and light them and turned out all the lights. We sat in a circle in the middle of Flo's room. They decided to let me conduct it, as I really wanted to and (according to them)knew what I was doing more then any of us. I began. "If there is a spirit among us, please come forth." I said, quite loudly. Nothing happened. "Please give us a sign" I said again. Then, the pointer began to slowly shake, and then it moved. It spelled out:  W-H-Y--A-R-E--Y-O-U--H-E-R-E. We were all shocked as we thought it wouldn't work. We looked at each other. Amy burst out laughing, and said "alright guys, who moved it?" We all looked at each other. No one had moved it, no one was laughing, and everyone looked serious, so they couldn't have. Amy suddenly looked as shocked as we were. "Ask it something", John said.  "What is your name?" said Seth. It spelled out N-O-T-H-I-N-G. We carried on asking questions for about 2 hours. Then, I said "why are you here?" and it spelled out T-O--K-I-L-L--Y-O-U. We got to freaked out to carry on. We were too scared to go to sleep too, so we decided to talk and forget all about the Ouija Board, by hiding it at the bottom of Flo's wardrobe.

At about 4, we started dozing off to sleep. But then it started. There was a mug on Flo's shelve, still there from her last cup of tea, and it randomly fell off and smashed. It made us all jump and wake up. We all just sat there staring at it. "What the hell just happened?" I asked. Jasmine looked at me. I looked back at her, then to Flo. "I have no idea what the hell that was" said Flo, "did someone do that somehow?" We all knew that that was a stupid question, because the shelf was the other side of the room, and we would of heard someone get up or do anything. And they wouldn't have managed to get back into there sleeping bag that quickly. "It was probably the wind or some-" Jasmine got stopped mid-sentence but a loud bang coming from the wardrobe, then the curtain rail fell down. We were all crying, and ran out of the house. But we knew we couldn't spend the rest of the night outside, because we would freeze! We went in and went on Flo's computer and searched how to get rid of evil spirits unleashed. It told us that you have to dig a deep hole in the garden of the place you did the Ouija Board and bury it. But every one must help dig the hole, anyone who doesn't will still be haunted. We were trying to pluck up the courage to actually go and get the board, when I suddenly got this horrid sharp stinging pain in my left ankle. Then it came in my right ankle. I collapsed and started screaming. Everyone crowded round me but I remember I felt like I was in a trance. Then Flo screamed and pointed to my ankles. They were covered in blood. I screamed again. They got towels and bandages to put on my ankles. (Flo's father was a paramedic, so they had lots of bandages around the place). Then they carried me to the sofa and lay me down. I suddenly shut my eyes, tight. But I saw something. I saw billions of fly's and maggots eating away at a dead body of someone I couldn't recognize because there face was practically eaten away. I couldn't even scream, it was so horrific. I tried to open my eyes, but when I did I just saw maggots and fly's coming into my eyes. Suddenly, I felt freezing water being thrown over me. I opened my eyes again,and this time I saw everyone looking down at me. I sat up and looked around. I wasn't on the sofa anymore, I was on the floor, the other side of the room. "What happened?" I mumbled. "Are you okay!?" I heard everyone say. "What happened?" I said again. "You went crazy, Skye" John said. "You started.. sort of fitting and you wouldn't stop. We had to get cold water and pour it over you, we tried to phone an ambulance but all the lines are dead." My ankles ached, but bandages were still on them, and I managed to run up  the stairs, get the Ouija Board and a shovel and go outside. Everyone followed me and we dug a deep hole.

We buried that thing. We never heard/saw anything else about it, but I still, to this day, have scar's going all around my ankles. Turns out that the board didn't work for Flo's mum because they were in a new house, and that house wasn't haunted and was very new. Flo and her family moved house in the end.

And I swear to you that this story is true, I would gain nothing if I made this up. Believe what you like, but I know the truth, and that's all that matters, and it did happen.

Sent in by Skye, Copyright 2010


  1. I needa see a pic. Post one of the scars.

  2. Yeah I want to see the scares too......

  3. I fully believe you, but can i please see a picture of the scars? I am just curious.



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