Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Silver Statue and the Dark Hood

I am a 13 year old boy that is fascinated with the paranormal. I use Ouija boards to pass the time, and I started talking to this one ghost, he was an African slave, his name is Diowam. He told me cool stuff and what not, but I felt some spiritual connection with him. I would see apparitions at times, but they were mostly shadows.

One day, when I was using my Ouija board, I asked if it was Diowam, and it said "NO". I felt uncomfortable. I asked who it was. His name was Heckley, born in England, died in the 1700's. I felt an evil presence from him, so I asked few questions then closed down the board. Suddenly, my lights start flickering, which they never do, NEVER.

I ran into the other room to tell my dad what happened. He said, "Don't worry it will be alrig-" before he could finish his sentence, his eyes widened and he said, "They're not finished with you yet," he said it in a controlled way. I freaked out and saw a shadow of a man in a hood behind him. I never talked to that demon again, because I knew he was horrible.

My other friends Diowam is cool though, I trust him with my board and only him. I know what he looks like now. He is a silver statue. He protects my friends from demons when they visit me, and he burns away any hatred in our house. He tells me of the future, and of the past.

This is a warning to anyone who will use a Ouija board, be careful, people have died from possession, and it could happen to you if you do not know what you are doing and let your will fade. Only talk to spirits you trust, find a spirit you like, and stick with it, if someone else appears, close down the board and ask them to never talk to you again. But remember, it is not a toy and must be handled with extreme caution.

Sent in by Dylan Michael Garrett, Copyright 2010


  1. omg that us really scary, what happend to your dad after that?.

  2. okay, look you dont know what your doing the ouiji board is a portal to hell and hell only. you think this guy is cool but he's not he'll turn on you quickly. i advise you to stop using this demonic thing. it's for your own good

  3. i think that it's really brave of you that you use the Ouija Board. But always use it with someone else.

  4. There are no 'good' spirits. It's the devil. He will lie to you to gain your trust. Then he will one day turn on you. And, you're not supposed to use a ouija board alone. You seem obsessed with this...he's got you hooked.
    I'be be careful if I were you.

  5. Well, how to put this.... listen. I love you. You're cool. Like a zesty pepper. I'm so into you.

    "Personally, it's not God I dislike, it's his fan club I can't stand" -unkown

    Mean anything to you?

  6. See my friends always want me to play with the bored but I did and I'll never play it agin bcuz after we played it we seen a demond and we see it alot. I can see ghosts I don't talk to them though unless they talk to me

  7. Please, don't trust the man. He will turn on you.
    Stay safe



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