Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Joys of the Ouija Board

My first exposure to the Ouija Board was when I was 8 years old. My sister lived in the country in a very old house and my mother and father took me to visit on the occasional weekend. My sister considered herself a "conductor" or medium and said she could guarantee an enjoyable time with the Ouija Board. 

Now my Dad liked to get drunk and fall asleep on the couch in the evenings, so mum, my sister and me would use this time to play on the Ouija Board.  My first experience concerned a contact my sister made with a person called Nanna Sharples. I was terrified.  My mum wasn't involved but was watching and she almost had a heart attack. This person was a violent figure in my mother's past. She had never mentioned this name to my sister or others in the family because of how much it hurt her to remember. Let's just say it got mum's attention. Mum decided to get involved and we all put our finger on the glass. The glass was spinning aimlessly around the board. Sometimes fast, sometimes very fast. Now you can imagine the noise the glass makes on the table.  My dad was asleep and we were all sitting at the table asking "is anybody there?" continuously. Suddenly my dad sat up and said "if somebody is there could they please keep the noise down so I can bloody sleep!" Bad move! The glass was flung from the table and into the wall. Shattered.

We all decided to call it a night. I went to bed and almost immediately started to have a series of terrible nightmares. I was dreaming of being pinched and scratched. When I woke up throughout the night I could feel burning on my legs and torso. The next morning I was having a shower and I looked at myself in the mirror and I was covered in scratches and bruises. I showed my mum and she began to get hysterical. It turned out that this was something that she attributed to her Nanna Sharples doing to her when she was a child. It seemed that her Nanna would punish her sadistically by pinching her and scratching her. All the while laughing.

We left the country house and returned to the city. I didn't have those dreams again. Worse was to come.  One night I went to bed around 8pm. I could hear scratching in my wardrobe. I sat up and saw the door open slightly then slam shut. The scratching continued. I could feel a rush of pins and needles coming over me as I lay in that bed (I am feeling them again now as I write.) I was hiding under the covers and I could hear what sounded like laughing coming from under my bed.  I was being poked through the mattress and I am talking poked! I was being prodded and the mattress started to move violently beneath me. I yelled for my mum and dad. They came into the room and naturally could not find a damn thing. So frustrating.

I was attending a Catholic School and decided to mention my story at the next Show and tell. I had nothing to show, but I had plenty to tell.  The teacher called me out after class and we both went to see the Parish Priest. I gave a recount of my story to him and he sat there just studying me. He told me that he believed everything I said. He told me that it would happen again to me but not to be scared. He told me to say out loud "I cover myself in the blood of Jesus Christ who died for our sins" Anyway I didn't quite know what to make of all this but it was easy to remember.

A couple of nights later I was lying in bed and I could feel my chest tighten and the pins and needles returning. I quickly remembered those magic words and I have to be honest and tell you that the pins and needles went away and the tightness I was feeling subsided. I wasn't bothered again. 

Now the story doesn't end yet.  I was having a sleepover at my cousin's house and it was in the middle of summer. His bedroom was quite warm and we had a fan going to keep it cool. We decided to tell scary stories and of course I decided to bring out the old Nanna Sharples Story for him. Bad and stupid move. The room went so cold that we were both shivering under the covers of our beds and we saw a dark shadow creep across the ceiling in his bedroom. I thought it was my eyes but my cousin made the comment just as I was thinking it was only me that saw it. I quickly brought out the trusty old sentence the priest had told me and my cousin caught on pretty quick. Once again the room was warm and it seems to actually get brighter in the room. I think the dark presence had been in the room observing us for a while because it was like my eyes had re-adjusted from dilation.

I guess now I have told this story I will probably have to say those words before I sleep tonight. Sleep well...

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