Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Burning Dumpster and the Glow in the Dark Ouija Board

This all started when I bought that Ouija Board. I always wanted to get one, because I am a believer, even though I never saw a ghost. The burning dumpster changed that.

The Ouija Board was one of the new ones, that's made out of plastic and glows in the dark. I thought it was a little unnecessary, but I couldn't find anyone who sells an actual Ouija board that doesn't glow.

Then came the day that Justin killed himself. Justin is some random college guy in the college apartments I live in. The dumpster was only 20 feet away from my house, with a potential ghost. I was hooked.

At first I didn't believe that Justin killed himself. His girlfriend moved out an hour after his death, and Justin left his portion of the rent and his house key in their kitchen before dying. That doesn't seem like a suicide, but more like a murder. Plus the fact that Justin died by hopping into a burning dumpster. What suicide victim kills themselves like that?

SO I took the Ouija board out with 5 of my friends; Jessica, her sister Kayla, their little brother Brandon, and Carl. Jessica and Kayla were believers cause their house is haunted, and Carl is really gullible, so it was the perfect team.

We set up right next to the dumpster and placed our fingers on the board and moved it in a circle to warm it up. I decided to be the one to ask the questions, so I asked as specifically as I could. Someone told me a long time ago to not ask vaguely, or a demon could show up and haunt you forever. I asked, "Is the spirit of Justin here?"

After a few seconds, the planchette moved slowly to Yes. This is the beginning of Carl's nervous breakdown. I smiled and asked, hoping Justin wouldn't get offended, "How did you die?"

Nothing happened for a while, so I asked a different question, "Did your girlfriend kill you?"

Quickly, the planchette moved to No. I gulped, knowing Justin was probably angry. I asked, hoping it couldn't get any worse, "Why did you commit suicide?"

The planchette sat there for a few seconds, before slowly moving to spell out "BECAUSE". I sighed, knowing Justin wouldn't answer any other questions. I packed up the board, and went home.

Sent in by Meredith, Copyright 2010


  1. ~The spirit of Justin probablly still love his girlfriend and would not tell if she killed him or not.But the whole hing seems a bit strange to me.

  2. Thats odd. I would prefer a maid rather than a butler, but your choice amazes me. A servant, no less!!

  3. Wow, what an eventful story.



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