Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Ouija Board Experience

I've been reading stories on here (speaking of for a while and decided it's time to submit my own. My story doesn't involve any bad things. Let me explain.

I lost my sister and nephew in June of 2002 to a freak medical mishap. She was 7 months pregnant with said Nephew and suffered from an aneurysm. She and the baby died. She was only 22 and needless to say this rocked the family. The death happened at her baby shower also. So it was a freak thing all around.

Well forward to a few years later my mom came to me and told me she had been playing around with a Ouija board with some friends and that she was talking to 'Danielle', my sister. At first I thought she was crazy and told her she was stupid. Well she finally convinced me to 'sit in' on it with her friends. When they first started they asked things like 'Is anyone here' and the normal things. Then it got personal. My sister said she was there and was telling us things that only my mom and I would know about her. It seemed very, very real. I was never scared but almost at peace because I felt like I could tie up any loose ends with her and such.

A few random things happened like my mom got 'poked' in the shoulder and immediately the board said 'gotcha'. Then in another instance the phone rang and after the board said 'why didn't you answer'. I was always told not to mess with Ouija boards and that they invite evil into your life among other things, but after playing around with one I've never had any bad experiences. This in itself kind of scares me because I'm wondering if potentially a demon was manifesting itself as my sister? Also could I have a demon in my life that is just 'idle' and waiting for the right time to come out. I regret messing with that board and am afraid something terrible will happen sometime in my life.

Has anyone had any experiences like this? I've never heard of someone messing with a Ouija board and getting nothing but good experiences out of it and that's what scares me.

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  1. Your fear of what might happen is probably what the demon is enjoying,
    the fact your living in fear, his job is accomplished.

  2. nothin bad happened to me i played it a few times and i talked to my sister my house was built by my dad and the only spirits that can b in our house are my sister and grampa they protect me

  3. I talked to my grandfathers and nothing has happened to me. In fact, my fathers father told us that my grandmother was going to get alzheimers and that he was worried, she has it now. I didnt speak with my mothers father because I was too upset after it spelled out his nickname. But I have been just fine and nothing bad or evil has made itself present to me.

  4. there is no such thing as a good ouiji story. except something bad coming. im sorry for your poor decision.

  5. I've dabbled with ouija boards off and on with my friends for about 3 years. He pretended to be my Grandfather until I caught him in a lie. He knew everything about him. Everybody in my family..names, height, eye color etc. You were not talking to your sister. (sorry for you loss) I don't think you should be afraid or 'waiting' for something bad to happen because if a evil spirit did come through he/she will feed off your energy.

  6. i once played with one, and I kissed the board and made out with it, loved it and stuff we getting married in 3 weeks and i love the board i met my future son on it and he helps me and said he would remember me when he was born and so im excited he loves me

    (I made that story up. See how easily I deceived you?)

  7. There are both good and bad exsperiences believe it or not its up to you ive haf both good and bad we talk to two spirits my friends dead mom and her guardian angel the angel protects us and warns us everytime a demon or bad spirit comes around and tell us goodbye to protect us this is how I know its really the people trying to protect us cause she will spell out the name frank when hes around and she said he wants me so she tells us to leave when he comes around he trys alot but somtimes he dosnt cause she keeps him away best she can I feel pure happiness when we talk to the guardian angle but I feel horriable sometimes too I guess its just everytime I guess frank is around she makes us leave we listen to her cause I know how to use this board how to close and all the right prayers and spells to use I tell you this though my bad exsperince came from me not closing the door correctly you myst be carful and know what your doing or DO NOT DO IT!! It can be dangerous very much so and shouldnt be used as a game at all only use this ouija board if you know what your doing please but it is also not all bad ive had more way more good then bad im about to use it again as well and see what gappens but if the spirit says goodbye let it leave dont ever try to keep it there for any reason be careful and cautious if you feel bad get off of it fast and leave it alone for awhile but close it correctly dont forget that or whatever it is will stay there with you

  8. Well i have to say that i have some experiences related with attacks but i don't feel like remember all right now, but since those days i don't want to get involve in this anymore and less with that key that leads to the underworld realm.

  9. Im 21 years old when i played the ouja board my life changed .
    A man who died at 22 Actually fell in love with me.His name was brian.When i told his i was already dating he got mad he said he will kill my current boyfriend just so he can be with me, after i told brian the news the triangle pieve flew in mid-air

  10. Me and my friend just used the Ouija board and it was truly amazing. We talked to someone named Amy who was 18 and she was a good spirit. I recommend using a Ouija board only in the morning when the sun is out and keep a window open.

    1. Did she die in a car accident?

  11. It is demonic. All demons hate mankind greatly because we are made in the image of God. Jesus said that demons come only to steal. Kill and destroy. They can't help it they either deceive you for a while or right away. sk Jesus to come inside your heart and to make you His and He can save you. Moreover, demons dread the name of Jesus.

  12. I know this post is old, but I've been contemplating using my Ouiji board on my own. I've only used it twice with my mom and nothing happened, but I think it's because I felt awkward and silly and wasn't completely into it. But I've been reading some people's experiences to try to make my decision. So far I'm still not sure. My thoughts right now are risk it and possibly have an awesome experience or risk it and regret ever trying it.

  13. I had an amazing oujia board experience! I talked to several of my child hood friends that had passed and my grandfather, but the one spirit that got to me the most was my mother. She told me that she loves me and gave me messages for several of our family members. It was truly the best feeling in the world! I had the most amazing feeling run through me, a mixture of peace and energy and I want everyone in the family to feel the way that I feel! It's amazing!

  14. Good things can come from it. me Andy friends play with it all the time, nothing bad had happened. you just have to make sure you use it correctly.

  15. Of course you will have bad experiences with the Ouija board, but chances are, if the demon hasn't acted, it isn't there. Demons are generally impatient and will cause suffering immediately after they are released. You're fine. Next time, for further security, place a silver coin on the board. This is said to keep evil spirits away. However, I am concerned by the fact that your spirit caused things outside of the board. This means that the spirit is freed. It may not be a demon, but it may not be your sister. Based on your description, I believe that the spirit you encountered is a trickster. Tricksters are generally harmless, but they do like to freak you out for kicks. You're almost certainly not in any danger. :)

  16. You can come in contact with good spirits but you truly never now. Me and my friends used one a few times to ask questions we desperately needed. Such as will I date the girl I love? He said yes. We came in contact with "two" spirits and evil one named Dave. He came at night and would be completely hectic and rude. And we tried it once in the middle of the day and we came in contact with one named Nate. He advised us over again that Dave was evil and that he was good. He would advise us to only do it during the day, and have salt water sprinkled on the board along with a cross. He told us to never do it with one friend we used to do it with because he was followed by Dave. My advice to you which I told my friends is for one always say GOODBYE at the end of it and turn it over with the planchette in another room and a cross on top of the board. Lastly you can ask it questions of it perceives to be "good" or someone you know who passed. Trust what they say, but act as if it's the opposite. Because evil spirits can very easily trick you and if you let them get your hopes up 100% and it doesn't happen then you will be upset and hurt, which lets your guard down for the spirit to possess you or do harm.



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