Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ouija Ghost In Agony

I'm very sorry if you are confused about this story. My friends had asked that I don't share their names.

I remember the date exactly, July 10, 2010. My mom decided to throw a graduation party. I had told her that I was only graduating eighth grade, but she insisted we have one. It was a family party, but my mom said I could invite five friends. We had fun. My mom set up a thirty three foot long slide for us to use. We had water balloons and great food. It was the best party we've ever thrown.

Out of no where, my mom decided to have a big sleepover for me and my friends. She ordered even more food and got us some two liter pops. One of my friends had to leave though because she had things to do in the morning. After our stomachs were full, we turned on the TV. My friend was rummaging through the cabinets and found our Ouija board. She smiled and laughed at me. "Dude, these things are so fake!" she said. I rushed over to her and grabbed it from her. Unfortunately, all of my friends were intrigued. They were saying how they wanted to try it. Sighing, I grabbed the board and sat down.

"These things are dangerous guys. It's not a toy." I said, warning them. Of course, they didn't listen. I explained to them the evil things the boards can do and the rules. They were excited and one of my experienced friends put her hand on the planchette. I placed mine on it, too. My friend said the words I was dreading to hear. "Ouija are you there?" Slowly but surely, it went to yes. Before my friend could say anything, I asked the question "Are you from the sun or the moon?" Hesitantly, it moved to the Sun. I didn't think of the hesitating at the time. I guess I was just glad it wasn't from the Moon. "What is your name?" My friend asked. It didn't reply. "What is your name?" She said again and it went to 'A' and then to 'Z'. I looked at her. "That's not his or her name. It's too short." I said, my voice shaking. "Are you good or bad?" I said. It didn't move. I asked my other friend to take my friends place. "What is your name?" I asked and it moved. It spelled out "ROXIE".

When I confirmed the name, my friend, who was sitting there silent the whole time, jumps back three feet. She starts crying. My friend, who was doing the Ouija board before I replaced her, rushed over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder. As soon as she touched her, she couldn't breath. My friend quickly withdrew her hand she could breath again. I rushed over to her and looked at her. Her eyes were weird. It definitely wasn't her. I knew that for a fact. Then she shook her head violently and looked at me. She looked around and said the words I didn't want to here; "What's going on?" She said. I looked at her. "You seriously don't know what just happened?" I said. She looked at me and shook her head. No one knew what just happened but me. My eyes grew wide and saw an image in my head. It was of a girl's neck getting sliced. "Did you feel anything?" I asked. She said all she felt was something like chopping at her neck.

Two of my friends and I went upstairs on the computer. We searched 'Ouija Board Rules'. We found out that if you let the board go through the numbers or though the letters, it is letting the ghost escape from the board. We looked at each other and ran downstairs. When we got down there, we saw my friend, the one who got attacked, staring at the Ouija board. My friend who had stayed down there with her was trying to get her attention. She was focused on the Ouija Board. "I wanna play. Please, can I play?" All she wanted to do was play the Ouija Board. My experienced friend and I agreed that she was attached to whatever she was attacked by.

To this day, that ghost is in my house. It will feel like she's grabbing your throat. We believe it's to show you how she felt when she died. That night was the scariest night of my life. My Ouija Board is locked up in the attic. Don't ever take the Ouija Board as a joke or a little toy because it most definitely isn't.

Sent in by Ashley Rorer, Copyright 2010


  1. Wow, I could've swore I just.. nevermind. Anyways Roxie is a evil ghost who used to be a gypsy. I know that because I just do.

  2. And then what happen to your friend who was getting posses???????


  4. My advice would be to definitely get rid of the board if you want the spirit out of your home. Do not break it, light it on fire, or get it wet, because that will only lock the spirit in our realm, and they will haunt you for eternity. Get rid of the board asap, and don't use it again if "Roxie" is causing physical harm to you. After the board is gone, contact a priest and have them bless your house immediately.

    Stay safe,



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