Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yard Sale Ouija Board

The room is changing. The wall are peeling... This is happening as I live and type. The very thought of it makes my eyes water, my skin tighten, my throat close. I cannot type much of this, for it is in the store room next to this one. I never did fear much, but now I know what fear truly is, what it truly amounts to.

Three days ago I used a Ouija board by myself in the upstairs store room next to my own, separated only by a door. I sat myself down, grabbed up the classically carved Ouija board I bought at a yard sale last weekend, and used a rather dirty shot-glass to pertain to the use of letter/symbol matching. I began speaking quietly, as one would do by themselves doing something incredibly creepy. It's hard to do something like this by yourself, for the mind is one to plays tricks on it's own accord. This was and is not the case.

"Are there any spirits among only I?"

This revelation startled me quite a lot, seeing as how I was always under the assumption that two people must be touching a Ouija board to formulate anything relevant/channel spiritual energy. Not the case at all, in the reality of things. Continuing on, and not without a dry gulp or two, I would ask, "How many spirits reside among me now?"

A pause, strange, distinct clatter from the other room, then,
N O  S O U L

Truly, I must have been pulling my own leg, crafting imagination to suit my fancies, push at the boundaries of my fear. But something was wrong. "What does that mean?" I questioned, now whispering.
 S O U L L E S S

And then,

At this point, the room would spin, my vision becoming blurred. I was crying, my eyes watering up and spilling over, huge globs of tears. I felt sad, alone, more miserable then I ever had felt.
"Who are you? Reveal your name." I could only whimper.

A smell, nauseating, like how dead corpses smell of cinnamon and old carny food, began to brand itself in the open air. Something was truly among me.

I felt warmth creep on my pant leg. I was urinating my pants, uncontrollably. Vision blurring, panicking now, I began to see something in the corner of the room, vivid, blackness.

I ran from the room, giving up all ambition to continue this madness, leaving my house completely. I abandoned the Ouija board before properly closing.

Now I know it is fully within the room, I am certain. I have been in the room only one more time, and the walls are peeling, turning yellowed and stained, the carpet growing moist. The Ouija board is in the corner of the room, and it is so cold where the negative energy seems to be coming from that the walls are sweating with condensation.

I've put Kosher salt along the door line, and it actually seems to be keeping all activity centralized to the store room. Please, if there is anyone that can help, anyone with solutions, I'd like to take care of this myself before putting any others in jeopardy.

Please in God's name help me.

Sent in by Matthew Colvard, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ZOZO Killed My Best Friend

Hello my name is Saara and I'm 14 years old and this is my story of the first time I ever used the Ouija board. Me and my best friend were talking about Ouija boards so we decided to make one and use it.

So the first day of school 2010 Steffi Lee brought a home made Ouija board to school. At recess and lunch we used it and we spoke to 'Sam' then we used it and spoke to ZOZO. The first time we spoke to him he told us to get rid of Sam, so we did. Then we asked him if he could tell the future and he said 'yes'. He told me that my boyfriend was going to break up with me in 1 month, and he did. We asked him how he knows that and he told us he could kill us. We didn't know what he meant by that but Steffi wanted to keep going. It scared the hell out of both of us. At first I thought that Steffi was moving it but she wasn't.

I didn't use the Ouija board for about 3 months but than Steffi came up to me and asked me to use it again, so I did. We spoke to him for 2 hours straight and he told us that he liked Steffi and then he asked her out. She said no and he got really angry he said that we should watch our selves so we said goodbye and we left.

We left when we did ZOZO possessed her and made her jump off a building. Nobody believes me when I tell them this story but I don't care. I believe it and I know the truth and I'm not fussed if nobody believes me because nobody does. I really miss her and really want her back. Please take my advise and never use a Ouija board. Bye Bye

Sent in by saara boss, Copyright 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ouija Board Haunting in the Hollow

I'm currently 17. My haunting started at a friends house using a Ouija board.

Me and a couple of friends start using it around 3. We started by asking its name and it replied "za". So we started asking random questions like are you good or evil. And it replied evil. We asked if it wanted to hurt us it replied I want to posses  and kill you. I had a feeling it was talking to me.

We did ask how old it was and the number was in the thousands. After it he wanted to posses me, my friend asked why haven't you and it said I was too powerful. In a way I was kind of happy. That's the reason I think it stuck around. So after that we kinda left it alone.

That next day we Googled "Za" and didn't find anything. We found "ZaZa" but no Za... so the next day I went back to my house in the Hollow. That's where everything started happening. I sleep in the living room and like every night at 3:30 I hear it wake up.

I'm thinking it moved with me  to my house. Cabinets would open and close  banging against the wood. I tried to find an explanation on how it would but couldn't find anything. I haven't seen any shadows yet... but at first it was just noises.

Then he started hurting me. At 2:00 at night I was going outside to call my friend. And just as soon as I was about to walk out the door, I felt something grab my shoulder kinda like warning me not to go outside. But I did anyways. About 30 seconds after I went outside I felt a burn in my neck, it hurt. I held my hand on it till it stopped hurting. About a minute later it stopped and I went back inside after talking to her. I went to a mirror and I looked where the burn was and there were five two inch claw marks down my neck. That next day I told my mom. She freaked. So that night I made my own Ouija board to ask it what was going on. When I put my hand on it I froze... I was kinda possessed. I got up grabbed a razor and it made me give it blood. My blood spread all over the board. After it covered it I was released and covered my arm up. So I ripped up the board (wow this is limited I cant tell it all).

Sent in by Jonathan Coonrod, Copyright 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ouija Board I Was Convinced After This

Right before Christmas 1 year ago, we had a Christmas show for our parents. This time, me and some friends wanted to sing, and while we waited for our rehearsals to begin, we figured that we should try out our homemade Ouija board. We were five girls, me included, and we sat down in the wardrobe right beside the gym.

The way we've learned to do it was by lighting one candle for each person in the room, we took off all of our jewelry, covered the mirrors and warmed up our hands. We took each others hands and smiled at each other, because we all felt the excitement.

Then we said: "We call at you, good spirits. Come to our glass." Or something like that... I don't remember exactly what we said. We all put one finger at the glass, and the leader asked: Are there any good spirits here?

None of us expected anything, but suddenly the glassed moved to "yes". We said hello, and then it all started.

We asked the spirit if he was good or bad, and obviously it said good. The conversation went a little like this:

- Do you know anyone in this room?
- Yes.
- What is her name?
- Vanessa
We stared at Vanessa
- What is the first letter in you first name?
- J (I actually don't remember his name, but lets call him John)
We all looked at Vanessa, but she didn't say anything, just looked at the glass.
- What's your name?
- John
- How do you know Vanessa?
- Grandfather
Vanessa? Is this true? we asked her. She just nodded, still looking at the glass. Me and the other girls was really concerned about her, and asked if she wanted to continue talk to him. Again she nodded.
- To be sure, we want to know when you died. (I just have to say now: me and the other girls had no idea when he died! So none of us at this moment, could've moved the glass)
- 192
Vanessa looks up: Guys, he died 19th of February. At this point, there wasn't anyone that didn't have tears in their eyes.
- Is there something you want to say to Vanessa?
- Goodbye, he said. I saw Vanessa moved a little, and her tears couldn't stop running down her face. She told us that her grandfather died without the chance to say goodbye. I felt my eyes teared up, and I started crying to. Actually, everyone cried. It's one of the saddest moments in my life.

Maybe you won't understand it, but you weren't there. It was unbelievable and amazing at the same time, you could just feel the presence surrounding you, and from that moment I believed in spirits a hundred percent!

Cause I'm thinking: None of us girls knew anything about Vanessa's grandfather, so we couldn't have moved the glass. Of course Vanessa could, but why would she make herself cry? And for the record: She's a terrible actor!

Sent in by Anonymous, Copyright 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dark Ouija Board Demons

This story is 100% true. When I was 8 I went to a friends sleepover (Scary Sleepover Stories) and we tried something called a Ouija board and there were 6 of us in a circle and it was midnight. We were half way through midnight still playing with the board when one of my friends dozed off. A second later he woke up screaming. We though he was just trying to scare us but then after a couple minutes we decided he had a nightmare. When we calmed him down he was still shivering and very frightened. He started to tell us what happened. He said a demon called legion told him that he was going to die because he was shivering my other friend shut the window I went to talk to him then we both saw an evil face in the window smiling at us.

My friends face lit on fire but it wasn't burning him it was boiling and then it just stopped and he just looked at me fine but scared. We all decided to go to sleep. I woke up and decided to have a pillow fight the time had just gone to three thirty. I woke up my friend that was at the window earlier and sneaked up to the boy that had the nightmare and hit him with the pillows. He didn't move. We both realized he was stone cold dead.

We woke up the parents and ambulances and police came they said he died of natural causes. We went to the bathroom to get some tissues and saw what we now know as Bloody Mary. One week later my friend that was with me at the window and bathroom was dead. He came up to me at school in the morning saying he was possessed I thought he was joking.

Sent in by Sean

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Brother I Lost

This is my true Ouija board story.

I was 17 when I first bought a Ouija board. It was summer time when I got home that evening from shopping. So later that night I asked my sister to play she said okay so we went to my bedroom and sat across from each other on floor and lit a couple candles. The board started to move after bout 15 minutes of trying to get hold of someone. We asked for a name and it spelled out AZ. So we started asking questions about ourselves and it was telling us the truth.

Me and my sister kept playing the board game from time to time after that. Finally one night I was hanging out with a couple of my friends in my room listening to music. When I mentioned that I had a Ouija board
they all stopped doing whatever they were doing and all wanted to play so I said okay.

We did the same thing, Us four sat on my bedroom floor lit some candles and waited. Finally after about 10 minutes we got hold of someone. It started to move but not make sense when my buddy started saying rude stuff to the Ouija board then the board stopped moving then I asked who was there then again it spelt out AZ.

I told my friends about AZ how when me and my sister played we always got this one character. So we started asking questions. I asked what we were going to do tonight so AZ told us we all were going to go out and party, find money and buy 2 - 6 of Bacardi bootleg price off my friend. We all laughed because we didn't believe then finally about 11 we got bored of the game and said our good byes.

We were all in the living when we all decided to go for a walk so we did. We were walking in the path when my buddy found a wallet with money in there. We all didn't think of the Ouija board when we decided to have a few drinks so I said I know where to find a bootleg so we all went walking to my friends place.

When we got there my friend started freaking out when I said remember when we were playing the Ouija board said we were going to find money and party and buy bootleg? Then we all were thinking so I knocked on the door my buddy opened then we asked him if he has anything but he told he only had 2 - 6ers so I told him I'll take it. A couple minutes later my heart started pumping. I told him it better not be Bacardi then he's like why? Then he showed me it was a 2 - 6 of Bacardi then that's when I started to freak out.

I showed my friends the bottle then they said they don't wanna play anymore so we took off and had a great night.

I've got a lot of good stories about AZ and what he did to me but it will take a long time to write but here's my last most shocking one of all...

About three months after I bought the board I asked my mother to play. First she didn't wanted to but I made her... this time we played in the dining room. There was me, my sister, my mom and her boyfriend. We sat at the table and lit candles. The moment we all put our hand of the mover it started going crazy spinning around. Finally it stopped and we asked is anyone there then it went to yes. we asked for its name then it spelt out AZ then I told my mom this is the one me and my sister always gets...

We asked our questions and it answered right then finally it kept on spelling I love you. Then my mom asked who do you love then it spelled out you then it started going crazy again. Then my mom asked who are you? Then the AZ spelled out  U R MY MOM.

My mother just let go and started to cry. We all stooped. I looked at my sister confused then my mom said that's my baby then my mom told us that she had a miscarriage and that the baby would of been Aaron Zander... We all freaked out when she said that.

Soon after we kept playing finally my mom wanted to quit so did we all so we said our good byes and AZ told us he loves us and that he's in a good place then he went to good bye.

After that we haven't talked to AZ ever again.  RIP little Brother

Sent in by Scotty, Copyright 201

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ouija Board Sleepover

Well, and my four friends were having a sleepover at my friends house, three of them decided to play the Ouija Board. Me and my friend Ashleigh, were a bit worried, so we stayed on the laptop.

When they started they asked if anyone was there, it answered 'yes', so next they asked, 'what is your name?' and they answered 'BAM' so they asked some more questions, and that's when I walked over to watch. When I sat down, they asked it to make a sign that it was there, and the candle we lit up started going up really high, and black smoke came out of it.

I saw my friend Ashleigh crying, so I walked over and she told me she use to have this painting of 'The Crying Boy' which has a curse. (Google: the curse of the crying boy) and that painting was found in many houses, where there had been fires, and only that had survived, and if you know what it does, it will burn your house down. So we were all getting really worried.

They stopped playing it, and since that one night, Ashleigh has almost burned her kitchen down, her back yard, and a shirt caught on fire in her room.

Sent in by Caitlin, Copyright 2010

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Ouija Board Freak Out

It started like most stupid events happen out of extreme boredom. Our first spirit came to us on our third séance (note: the more you use the board the higher chance you have of channeling a spirit). The spirit told us that its name is BDWC. He said that he died in 2000 at the age of 11. He left after that. We ended the séance.

We tried again about an hour later. This time we met a spirit named Jeff who was as old as BDWC and died the same year which made me a little suspicious. We asked were he was after that and he replied B.E.H.I.N.D I asked him to move the glass towards whoever he was behind. And of course it was me he was behind. After that he moved the glass toward the candle directly in front of me. It almost burned me. I asked him if he was trying to burn me and he told me yes. We immediately ended the séance but not without some resistance from Jeff. If you think that was bad it took a horrible turn.

My friend invited me to spend the night. I agreed and brought my Ouija board, candle, and lighter. We waited till about 1:00 am. and started the séance. We started and almost immediately got a spirit. My friends chickened out and just watched.

We asked the name and it replied D.E.M.U.S.K.U.S. which freaked me but my friends more. Then I asked if he was a good spirit and he replied N.O. and I was frozen in fear. I asked him to depart but he refused. I finally made him depart and ended the séance. It sounds lame here but if you were there you would have been freaked out.

After that we just watched some TV but I felt extremely jumpy and out of body. I knew I was there but at the same time I felt like I was looking right at myself. Then I saw the door crack open and a darker than the room black just slimed in and when I told my friends to look it was gone. I saw a white orb float near my ear and in it I heard demonic and torturing screams for about 10 seconds. After that I called my mom and they came to pick me up. I'm never messing with a Ouija board unless my big brother's around playing.

Sent in by Enrique, Copyright 2010