Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Growl In The Closet

My best friend & I became infatuated with Ouija boards, and very much wanted to use one. Her family and friends see dark shadows moving in and out of her walls, sometimes all the drawers in the kitchen fly open and everything flies out of them. They hear noises in the house, and weird creaking noises, however no one has been injured by anything suspicious. We researched everything we could about Ouija boards and finally learned enough to actually do a session. We made a Ouija board and sat across from each other. I stayed the night at her house one night, and went into her bedroom upstairs. We started the Ouija session and didn't take it too seriously, so nothing happened. We closed the session, lit incense, turned her lights off, and sat back down with the Ouija board in our laps. We felt more serious this time, and concentrated on the Ouija board. My friend was asking the questions, seeming she knew a little bit more about them than I did. This is what happened:

My friend: Hello
My friend: is anyone there?

She had her lamp turned on, and it suddenly flickered twice, and then went back on as normal. We looked at each other

My friend: Hello
My friend: is anyone here with us?

As soon as she got the last word out of her mouth, we heard a deep growl/scream come from her closet to the left of us in the corner. We both looked at each other and screamed, then she threw the board. We both realized that was a terrible idea and quickly picked up the board and closed the session. We destroyed and disposed of the Ouija board.

When I was 3 months old I lived in the house that my best friend lives in today, also being the house that we had the Ouija board session in. When we had our experience, I went home and talked to my mom about it. She didn't act worried at all, but kind-of amused. Then, she told me a story about her and my dad playing with a Ouija board in the same house! Neither of them remembered what the ghost/demon said to them, but they remembered they used it in a different room.

My friend & I have been quite hesitant to use a Ouija board again in her house, considering the presence has lived in the house for a long time.


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