Sunday, February 16, 2014

To This Day I Still Get The Chills

To this day I still get the chills from this terrifying experience. I was with my two cousins, Lexcia and Alisa, and my boyfriend Eric, so me and Eric were just cuddling on my bed and Lexcia and Alisa were laying on the air mattress watching the exorcist. After it was about midnight when Eric asked if I had a Ouija board. Lexcia said there was one in my closet earlier in that day but I had never had one... so I immediately slip open my closet door, and I sure enough found a Ouija board.

I opened the box and placed the Ouija board on the floor and we all went in the kitchen and grabbed the candles on the counter. Then we went into the room and the planchette was on the middle of the board so we took this as a sign that a spirit was there. We lit the candles and shut the light off. Then we sat in a circle.

We asked if someone was there and the board moved to yes. We asked them their name and it responded L. B. Then we heard knocking from my closet door. Knock Knock Knock. Then the remote that was on my bed fell on the floor. Which couldn't have because it was in the middle of my queen size bed....then we got freaked out and put the board away. The knocking wouldn't stop. Knock Knock Knock. Knock Knock Knock. It just kept doing that. It was really scaring Lexcia. So we got annoyed and we took out the board and asked why it was doing that and it said E-S-C-A-P-E. We really got scared and put the board away.

So Alisa turned the light on put in a movie, turned the light off and forgot about it. My closet is next to my bed btw. So I have a mirror that I can see the closet with on my bed and Lexcia and Alisa who were on the air mattress could see it too. Then the TV screen just turned into static. No noise just the screen. It scared me and I put my face into Eric's chest and then the TV turned back to normal so we ignored it. Then when I looked into the mirror I screamed as loud as I could, Lexcia and Alisa started screaming too. Eric held me so tight and just told me to close my eyes but I was panicking too much to notice.

I seen a figure of a man in the mirror in front of my closet door. I looked at the closet door and the closet door and I saw nothing, But it was still in the mirror so I ran to my bedroom door and it wasn't locked but it wouldn't open. I freaked out and opened my bedroom window (as I was on the first floor in my apartment building.) I was about to jump out and Eric grabbed me and said its gone and not to worry and he would keep me safe. The door still wouldn't open and we couldn't find our cell phones to call the police. As I was about to jump out the window again it wouldn't open this time. So Eric was not even hesitating to tell me to lay down and go to bed as he would protect me.

I woke up with everyone one else still sleeping and on the foggy windows was L.B. written all over it. I screamed in terror and woke everyone else up. We all ran out of the door. I grabbed my keys and I moved out of my apartment that day. I called a priest. So he blessed the apartment and said I could move back in as I was living with my parents after that. I moved back in and nothing has happened to me ever since.



  1. Gosh. Stop playing with the devil's toys.

  2. Whenever you use a Ouija board you need to say goodbye. If the spirit refuses force the planchette to goodbye. It closes the door to their world, if you leave it open it gives the spirit and other spirits a way out.



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