Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Very Good Experience With The Ouija Board

So this past weekend (2/22/14) a couple friends, my husband, and myself decided to try out our new Ouija board. It was just the 4 of us and it was about 11 at night.

We get it out set it on the table with a single white candle. We had one person as the questions and then wait. After awhile we didn't get anything so we decided to switch up the seating and have another person speak.

After doing this for a bit and still nothing it got to my turn to be the speaker. I asked the board if there was anyone in the room with us and it went to the "yes" I followed with how many and it went to the number 4.

I went around the room and asked it there was someone with us specifically ( IE I would asked " is there anyone connected to Jess and it would move to the yes) turned out we each had our own spirit connected to us. I asked if they were related to us and it went the Y.

We continued asking question basically are you good, are you happy where you are, are you always with us, are there bad spirits our there. Just simple yes and no questions. Most the questions where a Yes and would rotate between the yes and the Y.

We decided to ask their names and we just kept getting weird letters until finally one spelled out BUCK. We had a very good experience with our board. We found out that we have spirits that are connected to us individually and that they protect us and keep us safe.

Regardless that we didn't get any names besides the one it was comforting to know that we have passed relatives keeping watch over us.

We plan to try it again this weekend. We did ask the them if they were going off our energy and they gave us a yes and then asked if we had enough energy and they also said yes.

Once we all got very serious and concentrated more it started to move more quickly and we got more answers. Once we decided that was enough we said goodbye and told them to RIP and then ended the game.

Very good experience.


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