Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Was A Demon Trying To Pass As Michael Jackson To Try To Get Me To Continue Playing With It?

OK... here is my experience with the board (I won't dare type the name of it).. About 5 years ago I was taking a Psychology class in which the Instructor showed a video about the sub-conscious mind and it followed a group of young students playing with the board, the point of it was to show that our sub-conscious mind was responsible for moving the planchette.

I grew up thinking the board was a bad thing to play with because supposedly demons are behind it - but after this class lesson, I was curious to test this point myself. And this is how I entered the world of the board..I went home and made my own with plain old cardboard.

I started out by asking, "Is anyone here? Can anyone read me?" It took about 6 times of asking to finally get an answer... RIGHT THERE AND THEN, I knew the Instructor was wrong. The sensation of the energy coming through the planchette and how strong it felt by just putting my fingertip on it, THERE was no way it was my subconscious moving the planchette. I could feel the force behind it trying to move it and saw how it levitates a bit off the board and that is not something anyone's fingertips can do (unless you glue it to your finger).

I was initially scared and freaked out because I knew something was there now but my curiosity also grew stronger. I decided to continue and see if I can get some answers to what was behind the force itself.

My first question was, Who are you? it replied, MJ

I asked how old are you? it answered 50 something but can't remember the exact age.

I then asked, why are you here? It went crazy for a while not knowing what it was trying to spell.

I asked again, why are you here? It took a while for an answer and it finally spelled died or dead.

I proceed with another question, How did you die? It looked like it was trying to spell dr and stopped. Then it continues to spelling killed.

I then wanted to stop playing with it and told it I had to go, goodbye. It WOULD NOT go to goodbye. I just moved it to goodbye myself and hid the board away in a drawer.

Here comes the creepy part...

After that night, a car toy that plays music and lights-on was in the same room I played in, started to go on by itself once I went to bed. I freaked out but told myself.. don't start thinking crazy it might just be a coincidence.. maybe it is malfunctioning or the batteries are bad? I took the batteries it out and went to sleep.

The next morning I put new batteries in and all seems well, it didn't go on all day... until it bedtime again, for the next two nights it went off on its own every time I went to sleep! Now, if it was a malfunction it would do it on any part of the day but it would only go off until it was night time and I was in bed (which by the way was the time I had started playing with it the first time). By the third day, I had enough.. I threw both the board and toy to the trash!

That experience freaked me out so much I never touched a board again! Both the board and the vehicle toy went straight to the trash!

That day I prayed like never before and never even slept from how scared I was. I prayed for it to leave and said to it, that my home was now a home that worshiped GOD and it wasn't welcomed anymore.

(I'm not out to promote any belief in anything but from that experience itself I'm convinced that if whatever was behind that board can exist than so can GOD, I've been convinced of that ever since).

Now a few days later I'm watching the Michael Jackson's funeral on TV and It stood out that someone kept calling him MJ. I remembered what the board said and the age also matched with MJ's age. It didn't click back then but I wondered if that demon was trying to pass as Michael Jackson to try and engage me to continue playing with it?



  1. thats so scary!! :( omg ... hope you haven't had any more experiences like that

  2. No, I never played again ever since and never will. I got to see first hand how real this is-- I do still get that creepy feeling every time I enter that room but not because anything happens nor do believe something stayed behind, basically it's my own fear.. and that's the worst consequence I am paying for now. Anyone contemplating using a board think it over.

  3. The past few years my friend and I have been interested in these types of things. So after a while my parents bought me an Ouija board and we tried it out.

    I made a friend named RJ who was 13 when he died and is now in the devil's realm because I guess soulsnatchers and we had contact with an entity named Zozo. After talking to him I saw a man with blue skin and white tufts of hair in my grandparents' room and talked to my friend about it and she remembered seeing him. She had been living in a haunted house when she was younger and had an 'imaginary friend' that would chuck dolls at her.

    Ever since seeing the blue guy whom we called blue man until we found his name is Klu we began being haunted. One of the most frequent was Kai, a shadow person. I would be playing video games in my cousin's bedroom and see him walk to the other side of the room and disappear. The haunting stopped but I believe it is starting up again.

    My friend is a psychic and I have intuition and can tell when there is anything around us. A ghost is in the room with me as of this moment and things have been acting up. I am debating on whether or not to try and summon RJ but I do not want to have any other entities escape.

    You may have been talking to Zozo. An entity with extreme power. He once masqueraded as my mother's father and another entity. We know what happened to Klu. He murdered my friend's 'imaginary friend' whom we believe was his daughter or niece and he lived on my friend's property. We believe he also murdered his wife.

    There is a haunted knife shard in the wall of her old house which no matter how many times they throw it out it always returns to the same exact spot.



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