Monday, February 17, 2014

First Success With Ouija Board

So I have always been fascinated with spirits, afterlife, paganism and other similar things. I have been wanting to try using a board again as my previous attempts never worked.

I created a paper board, clipped it to some cardboard and used a plastic disc planchette (as I don't have my own board yet). Once I lit some candles and said a prayer, I began my session.

I asked any spirits present to feel free to move the planchette, and then asked if anyone was there. I asked this question again several times over the space of around 3 minutes when I decided to change the question. I asked 'if any spirits are present, what is your name or names?'. The planchette moved slightly at first then moved to 'H' then to the 'NO' corner, then 'W, X, X' then stopped. I had no idea what to make of this so I accepted it and moved on.

I next asked if the spirit was good or bad. The planchette moved smoothly to 'G' and stopped. I assumed it meant 'good' so I thanked the spirit. I then asked how it died, but gained no response. I then had to leave so I thanked the spirit(s), said goodbye and closed the board.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic! I have no idea what the spirit/spirits meant by 'H, no, W, X, X'. Could be initials, could be gibberish. I enjoyed my first successful session greatly!



  1. I suggest you do not mess with this as it is very dangerous. Evil will lie to you and gain your trust before influencing you or even possessing you... Doing this by yourself also has shown to give you almost an addiction to the boards answers.. before you know it you will not be the same person.. I have done this before just out of curiosity and really opened up some dark doors that didn't close for a long time. I was lucky not to be effected further once I asked god to protect me and I would promise never to do it again but this didn't work for probably a year until maybe I was sincere enough to receive the Lord's blessing/protection. You have been warned I suggest you burn the board and ask for gods forgiveness and protection. It's real and not to be played with and many others agree. Make the right choice your probably young like me I'm 23 now. many bad things happen and most of the time it is done by young ppl who don't know any better and once something happens it's usually to late.

  2. This is interesting... But I thought It was meant to be scary never mind but you need to be careful with ouija boards cuz their very dangerous



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