Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Does It Mean When Your Planchette Goes To The Middle Of The Board?

So I am 15 years old and I wanted to do my Ouija board alone so I pulled the board and planchette. I left them under two separate lights across my bedroom on the floor.

I left my bedroom to get a glass of water then I came back into my bedroom and the board and planchette were on the middle of my bed with the planchette in the middle of my bed.

What does this mean?

Rylan Coleman


  1. Perhaps someone came into the room and moved it onto your bed because it looked like clutter.

    Perhaps "someone" wants to speak to you from the other side.

    Perhaps you simply forgot you had set it up on your bed instead.

    All are possible until you know.

  2. Your 15: I think you should be studying. Worrying about where your going to college. Reading a book; read up on things that you aren't sure about BEFORE you play with them. Make the judgment that way.
    My advice. Don't play with them. ..................

  3. This is known to happen to others who have used the board.. a friend who used the board tried throwing it away bc it acted evil towards him when he used it.. he then threw the board away and the next day it appeared perfectly placed on his bed as u described. This is the board or spirit or demon insisting you continue to use it. Burn it and never use it again. Ur too young to realize the dangers and get out now before bad things happen to u and ur family. This is not a threat but a warning bc it has happened to many. Slot of which were young and unaware of the dangerz

  4. Don't burn a Ouija board. break it into pieces, cover it in holy water and bury it.

  5. give it to op shops or for charaty, and your not that young to use it, i know 8 yr olds who use it.

    1. And this is how we get freaky possessed little kids running around. Great job toys R us



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