Saturday, January 17, 2015

Problems Caused By Used Ouija Board

My question is what does it mean if your given a used Ouija board and have never experienced anything really bad till one night you set down the board the TV goes what noise fuzzy you fix the TV and go back to check on the board and the planchette is broken in half on it's own ?

After that maybe it has nothing to do with the board but I almost died and my grandma got sick with cancer and passed away. I finally got rid of the board and I haven't had anymore issues for the most part.

Shyra Seabrook


  1. If you are given a used Ouija board and weird stuff starts happening, it means that the board is possessed.
    It doesn't necessarily have to happen from the start, but once weird stuff starts happening it means that the board is definitely possessed.
    The original owner apparently failed or didn't bother to say properly goodbye to the spirit or didn't get it cleansed after using it.
    Next time you somehow get a used Ouija board in your possession, get a priest to cleanse it, or make sure to get rid of it properly so that it won't bother anyone again, this also goes for if you get a new Ouija board and you use it.
    I suggest you should also cleanse your house with sage or get a priest to bless it, just in case anything from the board is still lingering around, even if you don't experience anything odd.

    1. I made sure to get rid of my 2nd hand board (by dumping it on someone else haha) but just realized I still have a homemade that I've used to contact many creepy things. but nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened. My apartment is very quiet even though it was built in the early 1900s. Too quiet...

  2. LOL a priest won't cleanse your "OUIJA BOARD" it's a game of "EVIL" and the priest will not help you if you have cast out evil entities. Sage isn't going to help you either. That is something that Natives used in special ceremonies to reduce stress and conserve tranquility. You basically have to cast out the board. Burn it in hay, or give it to someone else. They have to want it though, or the curse will stay with you until it finds a new host.

    Good Luck!

  3. U r suppost to break the board and put holy water on each peice of the board and bury them!! And u can get a board blessed a priest. But I recommend that u get have a cross or something that represents your religion near to protect u.

  4. Sage and holy water won't do nothing. Pray for your house and say by the power of Christ I command this spirt to leave.

  5. Everyone's way of dealing with the board is different! You Christians need to STOP making it seem like your way is the "only" way to deal with a Ouija! Not everyone is Christian! Deal with it! Cleansing the board and house with sage is perfectly acceptable!

    1. If there's a devil there is a god. You definitely shouldn't be playing with this if God isn't strong in your life. Good VS evil. Or GOD versus the devil. You need to accept that

    2. Dealing with things like this is the only REAL way to deal with these types of things.

  6. What's funny is that people play around with evil and then run to God. Don't y'all read the Bible? The parts where it basically says that when u step into the devil's jurisdiction or u call on him, God won't really help. That's like having a bf, attempting to cheat but the guy u cheat with tries to kill u and u call ur bf for help.

    1. Where in the Bible does it say God won't help you if you do something stupid like that?

  7. I am 13 and I am wondering if I should play ouija. .. should i?

  8. Dear Anonymous 08/11/15

    Over the past few years, I have read many books on the subject.
    You do not want to play with a Ouija Board. You never know what
    is attached to the board. Personally, I thought about using a
    Ouija Board many years ago. However, the more research I did,
    the more I have learned, I want nothing to do with a Ouija Board.
    Too many users have been possessed in a very bad way. Avoid it.
    But, if you decide to use a Ouija Board, be extremely careful:
    there are 3 rules you have to follow and you have to take these
    rules very, very, very seriously :
    1) You never play in a graveyard
    2) You never play by yourself
    3) You always say goodbye after you use it
    But, I would not recommend it !!!!!!!



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