Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ouija Spirit Did Not Want Us To Leave

I invited four of my friends over and we ended up playing Ouija like we normally do. All five of us sat down and started to play in the piano room. As we progressed through out the game one of my other friends and I were getting hungry. We ended the session and my friend and I got up to bake cookies while the three remainder of my friends stayed to play.

We walked into the kitchen and listen into the conversation they were having with the spirits. They were playing for a good 15 minutes and we were just putting the cookies into the oven. We shut the door to the oven and kept listening in on the conversation.

Friend: "Do you want us to leave now?"
Spirit: "No"
Friend: "We're getting hungry and we're going to leave now."
Spirit: "No stay"
Friend: "We're going to eat now, goodbye."

My friend and I were in the kitchen. There is a hall conjoining into the kitchen leading into the garage. When they said "We're going to eat now goodbye." a light the chandelier in the hallway fell and shattered completely It was like something was holding it up while they were playing and it cut off whatever was holding it up.

Jacob Fahrenthold


  1. Something like that happened to my Nan when she was 15 exept for a bowl fell from a cupboard when they said goodbye...

  2. I'm 13 and i'm dying to try the ouija board!! should i?

    1. Im 13 to and i wouldnt suggest it i tried it and i would suggest to learn every thing about it i didnt and i have nightmars every day

    2. I hear it it can be nice sometimes to contact a lost relative or nice spirit , its the evil spirits and demons you have to watch out for . if you do want to play it , make sure you follow all instructions and procedures correctly , and DONT burn the oujia board . Say many prayers to god and others to protect you . Good Luck! And Be Careful! :)

  3. I'm 13 and I'm thinking about playing ouija... should I?



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