Monday, January 12, 2015

My Ouija Experience The Footless Apparition

So basically one day in the summer I was home alone because my parents were working. I was in my bedroom watching TV when I heard noises coming from my kitchen. I went to go and check to see what it was and as I looked down my hallway I saw an apparition walk across my hallway and down my steps. I froze in fear as I saw this apparition has legs but it had no feet.

When my father got home I told him every detail of it. He told me it was just my imagination. I disagreed due to the fact of how detailed this apparition was.

Then I had one of the weirdest dreams. At first I remember walking into my house late at night. And I went up to my bedroom to go to sleep. The weird part was I looked into my bed and there I was already sleeping in my bed. Then I woke up and I was laying in the same exact position I saw myself sleeping in, in the dream.

So then I took to the Ouija board. I played with my cousins because they have always wanted to use one. I explained that I saw and apparition with no feet. So we went on the board and This how it went.

Me: "Is there a spirit willing to communicate with us?" Nothing happened for a bit then the planchette slid to yes.

Me: "Okay, what is your name?" The planchette immediately slid to No.

Me: "Can you tell me about yourself?" The planchette slid to letters spelling out: "No Feet" then I got a little tensed up.

Me: " Are you a good spirit?" The planchette slid to yes then slid to goodbye.

We have not been able to make contact since then.



  1. What you had wasn't a dream, it's called astral projection. It happens to everyone, though not everyone remembers it. It's a state when your body is asleep and your soul wanders around freely. I did it a few times and it's really cool. Anyway, I din't think the spirit wanted to harm you or anything like this, but I don't suggest you to try to contact the spirit again. Some get really mad when we are persistent.

    1. How does this happen

    2. Astral is your spirit going out of your current body or and obe that could be a way to communicate with the spirit but I wouldn't dewwit and astral projection can happen when you asleep...but youre awake and it can happen randomly

    3. When you said this I was brought back to a dream I had once. I was flying... And I was petrified...

  2. Yep you're screwed.
    You should consult Jesus

  3. I used to have alot of imaginary friends when i was younger and was always afraid of the dark is this bad

  4. I'm guessing that when you saw yourself in your bed while dreaming, you were having an astral projection. It's when your soul leaves your body and can roam. Maybe you seeing the legs with no feet was also a dreamlike state like astral that just seemed so real. It's actually a pretty common thing for it to seem so clear and real. I recommend not persisting with the ouija board. Most spirits I have spoken with seemed irritable. Leave the board alone for the time being. I guess what I'm saying is just wait it out. Best of luck.

  5. sometimes apparitions are demons.
    I am a certified demonologist.



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