Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ouija Board Not As Scary As We Thought

My friends (James, Dimitri, and Annie) and I have been into anything that can creep us out since probably sixth grade. We're always seeing the newest horror movie or trying out those ~supernatural games~, anything to give us a bit of a rush really. Most of the time we can laugh it off and have a good time. We've gone into the woods a couple miles out of town only a few times before and tired EVP sessions or the spirit rods. We got a couple things but soon lost interest and spent the rest of the night messing around.

So, Friday night my friends and I wanted to do something and I suggested a Ouija board session. I'd been wanting to do one for a while and, after hearing a couple stories float around town about Ouija experiences, I decided to take action. We all piled into Dimitri's truck and stopped by 7-11 to pick up a Ouija board and some snacks before going out.

We drove into the woods and followed an old trail about half a mile in before pulling out the Ouija board. We pulled out a flashlight and flipped through the directions really quick before starting. I was chosen to be the medium and jumped right in. Everyone got really quiet as we began.

"Is there a spirit in our presence?" The slidey thing slid to yes and James let out a little laugh. We mumbled for him to shut up and when we quieted down I asked another question.

"Can you tell us about our future?" It slid to no. Annie let out a huff as I spoke again. "Do you have the power to do so?" It slid to no. We all seemed to share the same thought of 'hey, at least it's not saying we're not worth to have our fortune told'.

"What's your name?" It slowly slid to spell out H-O-N-O-R-E. "How old are you" 1-7 I looked at everyone a bit funny and kept going. "Were you born here?" No. "Where did you come from?" F-R-A-N-C-E. We whispered among ourselves nobody had ever been overseas. "Where did you go after that?" Q-U-E-B-E-C.

My shoulders slumped. I've spent every summer in Quebec with my aunt since I was little. "Are you following me?" Their whispers fell silent when I asked the question. The slider slid to yes. I got a little bit flustered and handed control over to Annie who was absolutely ecstatic to have the board in her direction.

"So why are you following Caitlin?" it didn't move. "Do you think she's pretty?" I was completely flushed and began to protest and tell her she's acting like a five year old until it slid to yes. She smiled. "Thank you for your time. Goodbye." It slid to goodbye as Dimitri grinned at me.

He began to laugh. "Looks like you've got a cute French boy following you around because he thinks you're pretty." They still tease me about it every once and a while but I think it's sweet. I also think it goes to show that Ouija boards aren't all bad.



  1. I played the Ouija with two friends of mine on Sunday and we found out that there's a russian guy following my friend which happens to be her husband on her previous life. It was awesome how he told us about his story and everything so Ouija boards are not as bad as people say they are you just have to play it properly, and they can tell you mostly anything. You just have to be brave enough to ask.

  2. To confirm if a spirits is following your friend or not, look at the kids eyes on her when you guys are out, if you see them starING at her, or try to talk or wave, you know there are spirits. Because that is what happening to me. Most kids always stare at me in a very concentrating way which creep me out, cause I know I got spirit following me. I can feel them watching me from time to time, sometime I can smell a scent too. And there are times they make noise to let me know they are there.

    1. Little kids stare at me all the time...



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