Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ouija Board In The Cemetery

Me and my friend are quite spiritual and both have relations that have encountered ghosts. Me and my friend were skeptic, but at the same time wanted to have an encounter of our own.

Eventually we came along the lines of Ouija, and our families had said to us that Ouija should never be played with, nevertheless we both wanted to play, we decided that we would play the Ouija in the graveyard at 3pm, before it got dark, on Friday, when there was a full moon. So I made the board with proper wood and a planchete, my friend brought a carpet and a few candles. We sat in the corner of the graveyard so we were out of the way a bit.

We started by asking if anyone was there and we got no answer we kept asking and saying that we would try and help lost spirits, we did this for about 30 minutes.

We gave up and thought that Ouija boards were just a game. Then we both jumped up for no reason. It started to reason so we packed everything up and blew out the candles, rolled up the mat. By the time we finished the rain had stopped my friend went to light a candle (she likes fire) went she dropped it. It caught fire on the ground and we put it out, but there was still a lot of smoke so we couldn't see clearly, as I looked up I saw someone, thinking' it was the police or something I got scared and told my friend. She jumped. The snow swirled and blew toward us as my friend fell on the floor. We got up and left.

We both thought it was just a coincidence. As we walked home we kept feeling someone was following us.

This may have just been us being scared when I got home I put my Ouija board at the end of the bed, just under the duvet. When I came back in my room my mirror was steamed and my Ouija board was on the floor, my duvet was taken off. I told my friend this on Monday and she said that she had got this bruise on her arm, but she couldn't remember how, she also said she woke up thinking. That she was drowning at 2 am. Yesterday I promised I wouldn't bother any spirit again and I'm sorry. And nothing happened to me but my friend still feels like she was being followed.

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  1. you guys got lucky, it could've gone worse because the rules to a ouija board are:
    •never play alone
    •never play in a cemetery
    •always say goobye

  2. You guys are lucky! You could have been possessed by a friken demon!

  3. You got off easy!!! Some people get possessed by demons and shit like that!

  4. Right when I saw Tue title just uh-oh ran through my head 😦

  5. You were lucky to escape with your lives.

  6. Ouija boards ARE real and are not something to be messed with. I had to learn on my own. I am such a curious person and being so, I must figure things out on my own so I know what things are really about. I've played with the ouija board a few times before deciding to go to the extreme. When I played in my friends' houses we would definitely get responses but always very slow and had to be very patient. So the logical thing seemed to play in a cemetery at 3 AM with a friend. (Not smart) anyways. We set up our blanket and had a glow in the dark board which was perfect. After maybe 2 minutes, we got response after response. We moved around the cemetery maybe 5 times just to speak to "other ghosts." About 45 or so minutes into doing so, I suddenly noticed a group of what appeared to be dimly lit cell phone lights. There was maybe about 20-30 just hovering around about 20 feet from us. We didn't believe what we saw because we couldn't comprehend it. Anyways, scared as we got, we continued playing and about maybe 10 more minutes into it. My friend started freaking out so I'm like what what what is wrong!! And he points behind me and maybe like 10 feet away there was this figure. It was tall, dark and just kind of there. That was when we had it and flew off. It sounds silly and fake but the only thing I can think to remotely describe this dark figure was almost like a grim reaper. I know, sounds silly but I am not making this up nor crazy. I will never mess with a ouija board again. My curiosity has been cured and these things don't pla . They are real and not to be messed with.

    Oh and another fun fact to end this experience. The very next day. The next afternoon to be exact, I saw a little boy ghost or something, and immediately after that I almost died. I had to be rushed to the hospital and was in icu unit for 4 days and hospital for another 2 weeks. After that thankfully, things returned to normal which I know I am very lucky/blessed for this reason.

    These things are real. Don't mess with ouija boards.

  7. your really lick u shouldn't have played it in the cemetery.take care.NEVER PLAYER IT AGAIN

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