Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Since I Played The Ouija I've Had Horrible Luck And Constant Bad Vibes

Okay a few years ago I played Ouija with a friend. I took it seriously, but my friend was mocking and making fun of potential spirits. We never said goodbye. The Ouija board worked, but it was just spelling out random letters. Gibberish really.

Within the next week I started hearing footsteps in my dad's computer room. When I went to check it out, one of my son's toys started to go off and the footsteps stopped.

About 6 months later I went on a camping trip and fell into a 10' ditch full of rocks and got stitches job my chin. My body was so sore when I got home I just wanted to lay down and soak up some air conditioning, while I was laying on my bed it sounded like an animal was under it rustling around (we had no animals) I checked and there was just a plastic dollar store bag.

I laid back down and I started hearing footsteps at the end of my bed, they walked all the way up towards me then stopped. Then I heard an old man cough, it was so close to my face it's like I almost felt air come off of it.

Then I moved into my own apartment and the first thing I noticed was that my closet door wouldn't stay shut. Then I started seeing a shadow. I wouldn't ever notice it until it moved on the wall. Then I started seeing this shadow close my bedroom door. Finally my sister came over, we were in the middle of our conversation and she froze. I asked if she saw the shadow and she said she did. I got so used to seeing that shadow that it quit bothering me.

Then my 1 year old started waking up in the middle of night and instead of crying like normal babies, it sounded like he was trying to talk.

Now I've moved into my own home and again the footsteps and toys. I've tried burning sage and praying for help, but nothing is working.

Ever since I played the oujia I've had horrible luck and constant bad vibes. It's depressing. Anyone have any suggestions?

emily hanna


  1. If burning sage and praying didn't work, it seems to be a big problem. As you said, your friend mocked the spirits and you never said goodbye, so you are still connected to the spirit - or spirits - who talked to you through the board. It is believed that children can see spirits up 'tilL a certain age, depending on how sensitive they are; even so, 1 year olds can and will see things that we can't. This is due to our own mind closing itself to things we cannot comprehend logically. You said you tried to pray, if you are Christian or at least believe in God, ask for a priest (someone with bigger authority than common people) to exorcise your house and yourself - not in the same way as when one is possessed but just to clean your soul from any spirits lingering to it. Beware your son, for he can also be targeted by whatever is chasing you. Be careful around the shadows. And good luck.

    1. I agree this is not a game you want to mess with.

  2. I'm sorry for also joining this but it is imperative you apologize to the spirits as soon as you can. Mocking spirits when you have a young child dependent on you can easily make the child a target of possession. As the first anon suggested, if you are of faith please get a rite done before your kid turns two, and if you're not of faith... well. Your best bet is actually start another ouija session and SINCERELY apologize and hope that you've got family spirits on your side. You can also attempt to offer offerings, when you bargain with the spirits, but it doesn't seem like they're evil yet so you might get away with offering things like fruits and flowers.

  3. go to a mosque and ask the imam to give you a cd of surah baquarah full . Its the 2nd chptr of the quran. Play it repeatedly in home and the jinn or evil entity will leave guaranteed. May Allah help and guide you.

  4. Idk.... Does the ouija board work?👻❤

  5. You're too open and so is your son...if there is also depression or sadness - isolation, in short negativity like this can attract negative spirits.
    You need to sage properly, that is go around your house or apt, go into every nook and cranny, and with each wave or puff of smoke you say only positive energy and light can stay her and use Jesus' name after every prayer. You have to be firm, you are living energy and it is more powerful because it's life energy. In your son's room...say as firmly as if some stranger came up to him at the mall....you shall not cross this threshold or interact with my son. Close your eyes and imagine the room filling up with light fueled by the purest mother's love you can feel, fill the room and be very firm when you say at the doorway, you shall NOT pass this doorway, end this Jesus' name. And pray for protection. Then you need to fill the house with as much light and air circulation as you can and continue for as long as it takes by repeating that you only allow light, love and positivity into your life and home. You have to be strong and firm, you're the mom and the protector.

  6. my friends and I did the same thing, we mock it and said if your real then make a sound, it made a sound in the kitchen like spoon knock on a bowl, the. I said show yourself then a green light appears, after that all of us ran out of the house. before that it said one of my friend gonna die first and soon, a couple weeks later he died. and bad luck happened to all of us, I will not say what. I wish I never touch it.

  7. Try getting your house blessed!! That always works.

  8. Hi, I am a Muslim and I strongly urge you to play "surah Jinn" from the Quran. If you are a Christian or a Muslim or a person who believes in God, you should do it atleast once and then pray to God to protect you as God is the greatest and has power over all creatures. Have strong faith in God, when you have strong faith in Him nothing will harm you by the grace of God. You can read English translation of surah Jinn on Google. It will be very effective. I often read bible being a Muslim and I feel there is so much common between islam and Christianity and it inspires me a lot. So I really urge you to try the surah Jinn atleast once, play it on a tape recorder and do believe in its words as being from God. If you read the translation you will believe. Best of luck and many prayers for you!

  9. Try reciting the sura Jinn from the Quran. You might not believe in Quran but being a person of faith you must give it a try once. I urge u to read its translation here:http://www.ahadees.com/english-surah-72.html
    It doesn't natter if you are a Christian or a jew as long as you have faith in Almighty God and the Holy books. You must read the translation and believe in it and then pray and you will be protected by the All powerful God. He loves you and He gave you a son, he will definitely protect you. You just need to call Him.

  10. Your putting not just yourself in danger but your whole family. Playing the Ouija board is literally an open portal to hell itself and demons. If you've already prayed over the board and it didn't work I highly suggest you get a priest not only to pray over the problem with the board but for protection over yourself and home. If you do that then don't ever play the game again. Hope this helps!



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