Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not All Ouija Board Spirits Are Evil

Me and my friend used the Ouija board. I've tried it before but it had never worked. My mom died a few years ago so I was hoping to get in contact with her, but wasn't going to summon her or anything.

The first few times we tried, we got in contact with a demon named Zozo. He brought up my mom and told me she was in hell and that God didn't love her. I got angry and argued with him and told him he was lying. I know that it wasn't smart, but I felt as if he was just trying to make me angry to become more vulnerable.

Finally, we got in contact with a little girl named Kalyn. We asked her questions and it turned out that my friend worked with her dad. She was watching over him and wanted to ask us questions. I asked her if she could get my mom, and she did... I finally got to talk to her. She still even went by her nickname when I asked what her name was. I asked her questions, and she told about how shes been here watching over me. She told me that I needed to start doing my school work again and be a Christian. I asked about heaven, she said it was beautiful and that my brother was there with her. I know that there is a possibility that it wasn't her, but I felt the goodness surrounding me.

Spirits can also read your mind by the way, it was really creepy when she was answering my questions I wasn't even saying out loud. She told me I was three months pregnant, which was a shock to me. She said it would be a girl, but she wouldn't give me a name because it was a surprise.

To sum it up, I had a great experience. Not all spirits you talk to on the Ouija board are evil.



  1. Hi, I'd just like to say all spirits are deceptive and evil. I'm sorry but that's the truth. It says in the bible that when a person dies (if you are a christian) it means to be with the Lord or to go to hell. It doesn't say that spirits roam the earth. All spirits otherwise known as demons and satans angels are there to only hurt you and deceive you into believing them to make them follow you. I'm not trying to scare you or anyone. Also do not contact zozo again he is a really evil spirit look him up and you will understand. Be careful what you let in your house.

  2. I've heard about zozo a lot too.. It's been said that once you've been in contact with zozo, it's always him who you'll be talking to but he won't be telling you .... Really hope I am wrong :(

  3. Hi I am curious about using a ouija board but my family would disapprove of it. I don't really have anyone to talk to because no one really listens. I am interested in demons and spirits but my mum is a Christian and I refuse to be one. I hate church and don't like people bible bashing me. Can anyone give me advice. I'm curious but a bit scared.

  4. My ex and I want to try the ouija board but I'm scared. I can't talk to my family since they are Christian and my parents live seperate. I am into demons and spirits and usually hear voices that are not from people near me. And I can feel things near me. I don't know who to talk to. Please help

    1. U could talk to me I'm interested in all the paranormal stuff too tell me what you are wanting to do if u get a Ouija board the story It would be sooooo awesome plez band thank u.



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