Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ouija Board Dangers and Truth

Here is how it all started. My brother got a Ouija board for his birthday. And he used it at my moms house. And it worked. Then My brother and my cousin do it during the day in a bathroom with lights off and candle at my dads house. They asked it "are there any spirits with us?" it goes to yes and it says its name is Tyler and he is 10 and he hung himself because his mom abused him. So my brother told me and then I wanted to do it so me brother and my cousin did it in the bathroom and it was Tyler again. He said he liked us, me and my brother, and he follows us where ever we go. I sometimes feel his presence.

One night, my brother was at my dads house, me too but I was in my dads room and he was up stairs in his room. My brother was on the computer in his room. Suddenly the door swung open and a spinning black and white thing spun into his bathroom where we did the Ouija board last. It looked like a tornado.

Sometimes I do feel his presence and when we used the Ouija board one last time Tyler was there and he said, "I want to hurt you and gag you". It creeped me out so much I ran outside. I could not be in that house. But Tyler still follows us and I know he is there. I actually think he is a harmless little boy. He just needs a family again.

Oh and Tyler knew God and when we asked if he knew our dead grandma it said yes, but his mom would not let us talk to her. And he knew my dog Polly that died from cancer 2 or 3 years ago. He said he was looking at her right now. That made me cry and get chills. Have you ever had this happen to you? Comment?

Sent in by Lizzy, Copyright 2010


  1. I have never touched a Ouija board but something like this happened to me. When I was younger my cousin who was very close to me died and I found out when I turned 13 that he has been with me ever since he died. I feel his presence with me a lot, along with the presence of my spirit guardian Luke.

  2. I really liked your story, and we are planning to play the Ouija board, i hope it works, and we don't get evil spirits. & thank you for your interesting story.

  3. I found your story to be intriguing, but something I found to be quite alarming was the comment you made about still believing this "Tyler" to be a harmless young boy. It may be of some interest to you to know that demonic forces ALWAYS LIE. Demons often pose as young children with heart wrenching tales of a beautiful life gone wrong in order to engage is in conversation. A demon will most commonly do this in an attempt to establish a "relationship" and once it believes that you are comfortable with its disguise, it will begin to show its true colors. The statement "Tyler" made: I want to hurt you and gag you, is a prime example of this. I absolutely DO NOT believe that you have come in contact with a child, but rather something much more sinister; something that is surely out to harm you. If I were in your position, I would stop communication with "Tyler" all together. If you do not heed to the above warning, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO TREAD LIGHTLY AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I dread the thought of any harm coming to anyone simply because they were misinformed or ignorant of potential dangers that lie ahead.



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