Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Prairie Girl Fargo and the Ouija

One night, I went to my grandpa's old property: It was for sale. My mom used to baby-sit there when she was about twelve. She said that when every one was sleeping, she would feel like she was being watched. She would hear footsteps on the stairs. Her own nephew saw a woman in old-fashioned clothes behind him when he would shave in the mirror. I read up on ghosts, paranormal, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

One night, I found old tape recorders, a Ouija board, and two friends of mine, Nala and Katrina, came over. We went over to the so-called "haunted" house. I put one of their camcorders on night-vision, put that one in the bathroom, where her nephew saw the woman. We set everything up, and started messing around with the Ouija board. Then we decided to play with it. We set a tape-recorder up by the board, and turned it on. Then we started laughing, how crazy we were to be doing this...

I think that intrigued the ghost. We asked if anyone was there: yes - who is it: Lucille F. Fargo. We found it. I knew a little bit about this person already, she wrote a few books, I have read one of them. I asked what her favorite book was that she has ever written: Rocky Road. That was what this town used to be called, in the 1880's; When Lucille lived. Why: it slid over to I'm Not Sure/I'm Not Telling You. What her favorite childhood song was?: The House That Jack Built. Just As the book said. Do you feel safe here?: Yes. Are You the one causing the footsteps, reflections, and feelings of being watched?: Some of it. Who has been doing what you don't do? Then it went straight to farewell. Our session was over.

We picked everything up and went back to my house. We reviewed the "evidence" if that is what you must call it. My friend Nala was wearing her glasses during the Ouija session. One part of the recording (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) I heard I like your glasses Nala. I showed to her the voice, she has been to this place before. She said she heard that same thing before, only I like your shirt. That was all the important stuff, so...

A few days later I asked my mom about "Prairie Girl" again. She said she found a porcelain doll head (Haunted Doll Stories). She still had it, too. The hair was disintegrated, face worn. And that is all I remember.

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Nala, Copyright 2010

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