Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ouija Board Experience in College

I was in Second year of my college... me and 6 more friends used to spend idle time sitting in the small closed room near the administration block... it was locked but we managed to get in through the window... thankfully we never got caught by anyone.

One day I was one hour late to college and I called my friends. They called me to that secret room and asking not to make any noise and not to tell anyone else where I am going... I thought they turned mad.... when I reached them they had a paper written alphabets A to Z and number 0 to 9.... and a coin placed in between around which yes and no were written. I asked what were they doing they whispered that they are calling a spirit. I thought it was just kind of a joke, they were trying to scare me, but they all were looking serious. Three of them kept their fingers on the coin and they closed their eyes. A few minutes later we found the coin vibrating and moving to the alphabets saying H-E-L-L-O. I said you girls are trying to fool me. The coin moved again I-A-M-R-A-H-U-L then a slight pause, M-I-N-I-A-M-N-O-J-O-K-E. I felt a chill in my spine. Sweat and tears appeared on my face. Those girls who kept fingers on the coin asked a few questions and that he answered. Questions asked about him were answered too. I got scared but somehow asked him about my personals. He initially answered but later on he wrote I-R-R-I-T-A-T-A-T-E-D... D-O-N-O-T-A-S-K-... E-L-S-E... M-A-K-E-Y-O-U-R-L-I-F-E-H-E-L-L.

I forced my friends to stop the nonsense as I was much too scared at that time but those girls were enjoying it. Almost an hour later they ended up the process but the boy was not ready to go. Very difficult it was at that time to get rid of that spirit, but somehow he went away.

Those girls asked me to put that coin deep inside the mud so that no one would ever see the coin or else something wrong might happen. They burned the paper too. For a week I was feeling quite scared and I did not share it with anyone. I sometimes feel something is putting pressure on me and trying to kill me at night while sleeping. I do hear some kinda voices very clearly but see no one around. I asked my mother about it she said it was all my imagination nothing happened. That thing kept haunting my mind for quite a long time. Even I had some bad experiences, very very bad due to which I even tried to commit suicide cutting my veins deep. Those experiences I thought were due to what he said to me while I asked too many questions. That thing haunted me so much that I am in depression for almost 1 1/2 year. No one understood why I am behaving so badly or unusually.

One of my cousins, who is deep into the astrology things, suggested me to go to temples or perform prayers to get rid of thing if I feel something near me. I don't know if it was prayer or what but with the passage of time I stopped feeling those pressures at night, haunting things around me, haunting voices around me, shadows in room. But even till now I light a full tube while sleeping at night. I cannot sleep in dark room till now.

Even those girls who were with me that day still say that after that experience their lives turned into negative things... all the bad things occurred in their lives till the college ended.

Even on my convocation this year I visited the administration block with my friends but we all did not want to go to that room, but thankfully they converted the room into some billing room or something.

Even those friends who tried the Ouija board for fun sake but it really haunted me deeply. I want to say that these things are not to be used ever. You use it for fun but it might be very very dangerous.

Sent in by Min, Copyright 2010


  1. I hope you are ok now how did u get rid of the spirit

    1. I think the spirit left of their own accord eventually.

  2. I was actually depressed and suicidal a while back but i really want to try the ouija board.



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