Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life in the Dark

I'm 13 right now but this event happened to me when I was 10. So here it is...

It was dark outside at about 2 AM and I felt this urge to go and use my super old Ouija Board. everyone was asleep and my insides were screaming No, No, No don't use it! My dad is super religious and would say exactly that because he believes it's evil and not a game. But when I was that young I thought it was just a game and so I played it. I asked if anyone was there. It moved to Yes. I asked where it was, It said Darkness. I said your in Hell aren't you, it moved to Yes. I asked how did you die, It said Possession. at that point I was completely freaked out and threw it in our pond. I went back to my room and there it was sitting on the letter 'n' (the last letter in possession) I said to myself, "I thought I threw you out." So I went to the pond and buried it deep in the mud.

I went back to my room and it was still there. I took it out to the pond once more and it was finally gone. The next day I was at school and I had a strange urge to go to the restroom. Strange because I didn't drink or eat anything yet since yesterday. So I asked and I went to the restroom. I washed my hands and was starting to fix my hair, I looked in the mirror and saw a strange figure. Like a little boy with red eyes and brown messy hair. He disappeared and whispered in my ear, Beware. I could literally feel the breath when he was whispering to me. I was freaked out because I looked back in the mirror and there was blood on my forehead. I screamed so loud a female teacher came rushing into the restroom saying, Kimberly what happened!

I felt my forehead and the blood was gone but I felt something on my forearm I reached up my sleeve and looked at the teacher and gulped I felt a thick watery substance and I KNEW it was blood. I pulled my hand out and showed the teacher. Her eyes got wide and pulled up my sleeve and saw nothing no scratches at all. and most importantly.. no blood. She stuttered and said, Kimberly, What's wrong with you. I started crying and said I don't know... She called my parents and I went home.

My mother said, Why did they send you home? you don't have a fever or scratches... Do you? I said, "Sort of... I reached up my sleeve and took it out and she saw blood. She did the same thing the teacher did, pulled my sleeve up. and she also saw nothing. yet she touched my skin and saw blood on her hand. She was worried but was sure it would be gone by tomorrow. But it wasn't. At night I started to get out of bed and went to the basement. I woke up and asked myself why I was here. The little boy and his friends appeared and took me someplace dark for the rest of the night ( it was 10:25 PM ) They took me to Hell for one night. Finally I prayed to God to let me out and they all screamed in pain and disappeared. I was finally in my basement again I ran to my room to find my parents praying at my bed and crying.

I ran to them and hugged my parents. I could've sworn it felt like a lifetime.



Sent in by Kimberly, Copyright 2010

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