Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Experience With the Ouija

Hello there; thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. This story is not fake but 100% genuine.

My friends, started to become interested the occult, so did I. So we hung out and tried the Ouija board. It moved and we asked typical questions such as "how old are you?" and whatever. Nothing strange happened so we said that it didn't work (we did sign the 'so-called' spirit out (just in case).

The next time we got together, nothing interesting happened. I thought maybe the ghost or whatever was shy, or maybe my pals were joking with us.

That summer, me and a pal got together to play the board again. But this time something happened, we contacted a devil worshiping spirit that happened to be love obsessed with Satan; it turned out that she was a he/she (seriously was both genders) and tried to take off my shirt. I did not like this "LOLA" so we signed her/him out. Later, we tried our luck again (no we didn't have a bible), and got someone... someone no one wants to get... SATAN! We asked his name but he never finished cause we signed him out before he could finish writing his name (It was spelled SAT...) but when we asked every possibility that it could be, he said no.

The room was freaking hot and cold at the same time. Half the room felt like a furnace and the other half felt like a freezer, yes; we were in between both of the sides of the room. My friend never felt hot, she only felt cold. We tried it again (this time we had a bible) and we got someone to sing for us (yes, its video taped)... But we don't use a Ouija board anymore because my parents will kill me. I always feel like I'm being watched and some of my stuff always vanishes when I know where I put it! But I don't get hurt or damaged. I'm always up until 3 am in the morning because even when I share a room, I still feel uncomfortable. I sometimes happen to have dreams that come true and Deja Vu happening. I hear footsteps every now or again but God will rebuke whoever or whatever is evil and protect anyone who asks him to forgive their sins I hope he forgives me for using something forbidden. Why do they sell them in toy stores? If they clearly work and are forbidden?

Do not use the Ouija board, they are evil! They lie and even manipulate you.

Sent in by The Halloween Munkey 789, Copyright 2010


  1. Ouija boards are actually a family game.

  2. im confused you said u signed him out before he could finish spelling out his name but then said u asked him if he could be anyone else possible he said no... howd he say this if you signed him out after spelling SAT??



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