Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talking To Lucifer on a Ouija Board

I've used the same Ouija Board many many times before. On the morning of June 19, 2010, I was having a session alone in my parent's room while they were gone. I had the news on. I asked if the spirit I usually talk to was here (I will call him Terry, it's not his name though). The planchette glided over to "No". That was VERY unusual. Terry was always there. And the planchette never glided on the board before. I then asked,"If you are not Terry, then what is your name?" It spelt out L-U-C-I, and after a few moments, F-E-R. I squealed. "Is it really Lucifer?" The planchette quickly glided to yes and then quickly moved in circles.

My attention then turned to the TV. It was talking of the 4 day festival in Pakistan. The planchette glided to "No" over and over. I asked," What do you mean "no"?" It spelled out N-O-T-O-T-H-E-T-V-S-H-O-W. "That crocodile legend is crap isn't it?" It swiftly replied with a "yes". I yawned. The planchette began moving. S-T-O-P-N-O-W. "Why?" U-W-I-L-D-I-E. "Why Will I die?" E-N-E-R-G-Y-L-O-W. "Okay, See you later." O-K-A-Y. The planchette began moving in circles. And then it stopped. I took the board to my room and put it away.

And that is my story of talking to "Lucifer". I did not fabricate this story. And I'd please like to ask all of you not to tell me to "accept" "god",or pray. I don't do such frivolous things. And not to post novel-long comments on how Ouija Boards, or anything of that sort, is "Evil".

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  1. I also have a Lucifer story. It was fall of last year. My friends and I were in my buddys cabin and we got the ouija board out. We proceeded to communicate with the spirit. It would say my friend was evil and it constantly would spell out "D-I-E" over and over. It began to get later in the day and we had to go back to my friends for dinner. We tried to leave and everytime we would say goodbye it would spell out, "N-O-D-I-E." After a half of an hour of it keeping us, we asked it to show itself. It immediately went to "GOODBYE." We heard the cabin door begin to shake and we decided we better leave. We walked outside and it was cloudy and dark and just very eery. Mind you it was 2 in the afternoon, hours from sunset. We drove back to my friends house and hung out for a while. We decided to get the ouija board out again to continue to communicate. My friend that was said to be "evil" was interested in the board. It fell dark outside and we were sitting in my friends room with our fingers on the board. We said hello and it instantly went to "N-O" it would not stop going to "DIE" it was starting to freak us out. We began to ask it questions about the future. I asked if I would have children in the future and it said yes. My friend asked and it said "N-O-W." We kind of ignored it and continued. He was starting to get freaked out so we decided to go. We said goodbye and the board said "NO DIE". At this time the "eye" started flying around the board. My friend and I struggled to keep our fingers on it. It suddenly stopped and shot off the board. I was freaking out at this point and I just wanted to be done. But we couldn't leave it at that. We had to say goodbye to it, we had to end it like it should be. I have heard that if you leave the spirits without saying goodbya that they are free to walk the world and possibly posess you. So we picked up the "eye" and continued to talk to it. After that it just seemed pissed off. It would fly around the board uncontrollably, it would say die to everything we asked. Finally my friend asked, "Who are you?" And it replied to spell "L-U-C-I-F-E-R". My friend ran out of the room and wouldn't even look at the board after that. He took the board home that night and said that crazy shit happened all night. He wouldn't sleep and stayed on the phone all night with me. The next day I was waiting to see him at school. It got later in the day and there was no sign of him. I started asking around, "Hey have you seen Jake" "Anyone heard anything from Jake?" I finally hear he's in the hospital. The first thing I thought was shit, lucifer got jake. I called him over and over and finally his dad answered, I was panicing. He told me that his girlfriend had had a 9 week premature baby girl. It was one of those hidden babies that they don't know about until she has it. The ironic thing that just really freaked us out was that the ouija board said he would have a child "now" and 8 hours later his girlfriend has an unexpected child. Well that's my "LUCIFER" story. Hope you enjoy!

    1. They say if it flies off the board then it's set free, they also say if you ask it to show itself or love something then you're allowing it access to your home or wherever you're using it at

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  3. I was hanging out with same friends, and we decided to play with Jon's (a friend) Ouija board. At first we were all just laughing about it, not really taking it seriously. We then got some movement. We started communicating with this man of 20 years of age (he was a Taurus, but I can't remember his name). He kept on messing with us it was hilarious! Then we encountered some more people. It turned out to be a group of 5 spirits, 2 women and 3 men. They seemed to have the same intention as us, to have fun with it.
    Then, it started to get more serious. The energy behind the pointer was much stronger and moved more rapidly. You could tell when the force was confused by how to answer our questions and whatnot. It was almost as if the energy was in the room with us. It felt like a legitimate conversation. The energy spelled it's name out and it spelled Satan... It directly addressed Hannah (a friend in the group). He called her the wise woman. He also asked for our help in finding "Jane" because she was keeping souls on Saturn. He said he wanted the souls for himself. Then we called him a dick. ahaha
    Satan told Hannah that she was wise because she realizes the god within. He also said he really liked her because this demon (I forget his same) really liked her. Hannah knew exactly what he was talking about. She asked him "Was it the man in the Suit?" he said yes. She knew exactly what he was talking about, as if she knew the man in the suit was a demon prior to this conversation. She was communicating with him on this crazy level. I could hardly understand what was going on. Then another man began to communicate with us. He spelled out his name as Lucifer. I am confused because I thought that Lucifer was the name of an angel, then Satan was given to him after he committed the first sin. He told us we were fools for talking with Satan. Then we said yes of course we are fools because we are human. He then said yes.
    Oh something I remember is that Satan told us that God is both Man and Woman and that God is everything, all encompassing. I asked him if he was an archetype he said both yes and no to this question. Which got me really psyched out!
    So anyways, Lucifer told Hannah that the man who was standing behind her (which happened to be Noble at the time) was the reincarnation of Dionysus. So weird because Noble has been having a lot of dreams relating to this. Also he totally reminds me of how I would think Dionysus would be like. Satan also told Noble he was going to hell, but he said metaphorically speaking. Satan told us hell is a metaphor... interesting..
    The craziest part of this whole experience is the fact that there were no games being played between us once we started talking to the two dark spirits after a while. The answers where all very strait forward and easy to see what was being spelled out.
    It seemed as if we were communicating with them in the dimension of the unconscious. It was a full moon, Aries moon in fact. Isn't Aries a ram and isn't Satan depicted as having ram-like qualities? SO many variables to consider here. I just needed to write this out.
    I forgot to include that while writing about this I keep getting chills and tears come to my eyes. I feel too much right now. I kinda want this night to be over. I feel brave, but I am also a bit scared. This was some heavy shit. Throughout the whole experience, my heart felt incredibly heavy. My chest was weighted down. I felt so dark, but it wasn't necessarily evil. I just felt a dark force, rather than a light. I am completely drained, but the curiosity is keeping me awake. I can't stop writing! I have a word document open as well. This is going in my red book, a project that we are doing in class. It is modeled after Carl Jung's.
    I had some misspelled words so I removed my previous post. haha
    Thanks for reading. I am so curious about this whole incident. If you have any questions, please comment back. I would love to talk about this with anyone who can give me insight.

    1. Did it take a long time for the spirit to say goodbye

  4. Hey, it's exactly a year ago! It's June 19th, 2011! I'm thinking about playing the Ouija alone tonight, and if I do, I'll share my story. Nervous about doing it alone, maybe I can get my friend to come over. :)

    1. What is "the god within" and its reasoning Hannah?


  5. So me and my friend Natalie (just the two of us as we have read on the internet that it may be easier with two persons), have been trying to play around with the ouija board just for some giggles.
    Over the past couple of weekends, 9/10 of them have been from the moon, as we were told I am an evil spirit (or from the moon), hence why were always getting the moon spirits.
    We were never that freaked out by it, just a little goose bumby; however- tonight was different.
    The first two ouija summonings we did were from the moon. They were very short and prompt and not keen on spelling out many words. One, by the name of "val", the other "K". They all seemed to favour moving from their name, to 'no'.
    Then, we summoned for the third time.

    We didn't have a chance to get to say hello, when the plachette moved directly to the moon, then to the no.
    We proceeded to ask this spirit its name. After three attempts is spelt out a single 'L'.
    After a few more moments, it spelt out the rest of its name; L U C I F E R. Then quickly kept singling the numeral '6', then to the moon.
    It proceeded this pattern for a good five minutes.
    Nat and I looked at each other in fear. We both didnt know what to think or believe. A few times we both thought each other were doing it.
    Until we asked for in turns, would it read our mind. And as we did not expect, it correctly did so.
    We were shitting ourselves.
    We kindly asked the spirit (if it was Lucifer or not) to leave the ouija session and move to goodbye. It wasn't happy.
    We said Goodbye, quite a few times but the spirit continued to circle back and forth from goodbye to no, from 6 to the moon.
    (note, quite a few times it tried performing the figure 8 on the middle of the board, but Nat stopped it from doing so)
    The strange thing about this session, is that the power and forcefulness of the plachette in this was terryfing. It was like nothing we had before. Even moving it to the goodbye was hard for us.
    Another wierd fact is that, every spirit that we have summoned has been rather weak and slow, even if (the recommended advice) our knees were touching for more energy. Our knees were not touching; we were a fair 30cm apart.
    It took us quite a while to say goodbye, after fruitless attempts.
    Luckily, we had gathered enough info of the net and drew a rather large "Star of David" on the board, which is supposedly helpful towards keeping and stoping the spirits from escaping. The only way we could say goodbye without the plachette moving to "no" or "moon" or "6" was to keep the plachette on this star.
    (another note; we tried to see if the spirit was still there even after we had said goodbye and moved to the star, by putting our fingers on it again and moving slightly off the star to the left... It quite forcefully and quickly moved to the moon again without even being a cm of the star)
    We decided we were too freaked out to conitue the oiuja session, said goodbye and moved to the star. It did not move.
    (We tore the board into 7 pieces after, we were that frightened. Please note we both had tears in our eyes and were scared to even move our fingers off the plachette)
    This is a true story.
    Natalie and Tayla.

  6. Me and my wife and friend Dania were playing for the first time tonight . My wife is convinced she is haunted and we have been experiencing very strange things lately in our home. We thought nothing would happen. We sat by the window we had been hearing noises from. Well. We sat there for a minute and I asked if anyone was there. It spelled YES. then we asked who and it spelled out SATAN....we started to worry a little bit. Then we asked what it wanted it spelled DIE.then we asked if it was good or spelled EVIL....then we asked its name it said WOE. then went to goodbye. We wanted to ask a few more questions. I asked the spirit what it wanted from my wife and it spelled that point we moved the pointer to goodbye and flipped the board over...we are all very shaken up...

  7. I also had an experience with Lucifer. I'm relieved to know that other people have had similar experiences; I never thought of looking online to find out. I am not and will never be a regular user of the Ouija board seeing as I don't like to plunge myself into such evil things. I tend toward more lovely things in the world. But anyway, I had a friend in my high school who was a Ouija guru and I was always interested in trying it. So we made a board out of a pizza box and lit a couple candles in my bedroom at the house I was living at. There were a few other spirits who came through before Lucifer but he was the prominent one. We asked the spirit what his name was- he spelled out "B-i-b-l-e". We looked at each other and did not know what to do. I grabbed a bible off my bookshelf and set it next to the board. We asked this person if there was a page he'd like us to flip to. He gave it to us. It flipped to a page discussing satan. We asked him again what his real name was. He replied, "Lucifer". We immediately tried to banish him. I was shaken. We went to a stream down the road and we buried the board underground with a shovel. My bedroom in the house never felt the same.

  8. Your story is funny even though I know its a serious matter. I'm truly not trying to be mean but it sounded like you had a normal chat with him and it made me laugh.

  9. My story was when I came after school on Monday and I sat down in the living room. I played on my computer for a bit when I saw on facebook that my friend was pissed at me, and instantly I felt confused. I tried calling her, messaging her-nothing. That's when I felt a strange feeling, like someone was behind me, and like they wrapped their arms around me... only that it was wings. I looked, and I saw him. He'd say his name was Lucifer, the morning star. What was wierd that he was speaking to me physically, and he told me:
    "Be grateful, your friend would now be deceased." He smiled, nodded and disappeared. I nearly fainted, but I had to sit still and think. What the...Hell? My friend died 2 weeks prior due to being run over by a car.
    I am NOT lying. I swear to you this is real

  10. It was back in1995 or around that year. I was into playing on ouija boards with friends. I am a male i was with two girls we were 16. Our idea was to tell whatever ghost that came to us to get a more powerful ghost until we were satisfied with what we had gotten. We did this a number of times till we knew we realy had something powerful. The eye piece moved with force we had never seen. It moved so fast that our hands were falling off. We thought if it had that kind of power it should be able to do some other stuff, like physically. Do I thouhht maybe it could read my mind. I asked it without telling my friends what letter I was thinking of in my head. It said it could. So the eye piece spun in circles till it was ready to go to the lettrr I was thinking of. It got it right. I wad like that was good do it again. Do it fid two more times. Keep in mind i wad the only one that knew what letter i was thinking of. We were smoking weed and he said he was ditting next to us and we would blow hitd at him and he said he wad getting high. We then asked if hr could move the whole board. We took off the eye piece and put our handd on the board like a giant eye piece snd told it to push the board toward one another. It slid quickly across the floor back and fourth. We later asked how we would die and at what age. He was wrong about our deaths were all still alive. He said I would die at the age of 26 of a heroin overdose. I never did heroin and never will. I'm 34 now. He later told us he was satan. We weren't that scared. He seemed kinda nice, but he is the great deceiver. Don't play on ouija boards.

  11. Satan is a fool, period. Never trust evil.
    that's so fucking simple.

    I played oui-ja board and got that same '' DIE '' story.

    without the baby of course cause i stopped before something happen.

    all i have to say is if you don,t won't trouble, stop being so curious cause evil is NEVER good.

    what is SO complicated to understand in that ?


    get that in your stupid lil head.

  12. im Hannah and my friend savannah and I have made 3 Ouija boards, one of which we broke and buried because zozo was in it and two are on either side of one piece of wood. we have played with one other boy and one other girl, but savannah and I are very interested and actually believe in it. we constantly contact "satan" he says he is an all black figure. "satan" tell us we are going to die or get hurt on certain days and it never happens. he says he will move things around us to prove his existence but he never does. he counts down from 3, 2, 1 when we ask him to prove himself then nothing happens. He always asks us to be in the dark (we assume he is asking this because he always moves the planchette to the moon and star symbol) Today we were in a underpass of a freeway and we were talking to a once living "human" for the first time. He goes by "STU" and he states he was murdered in 1978 at age 24 by the name "IT". I started feeling very tired and exhausted and I had a feeling that we were surrounded by something watching us. "STU" went to 'goodbye' after we asked a question and I believed he meant that we should leave but Savannah wanted to ask him if we should go and he said "yes" Savannah then got a heavy feeling on her chest and as we were walking away we both started sprinting through the tunnel because we both got a feeling that that was what we should have done. We both lost breath and for some reason we felt we needed to be in the car before we could talk about how we were feeling and what exactly happened and why we both just started sprinting but we had to catch our breath.(which we only ran about 15-20 ft. so it was strange.) Can someone explain this and give us an answer.

  13. I'm a spiritual satanist and those responses sound like something i imagine Satan would say. He's really a good person.

    1. I need to talk with u.

    2. May I ask you some things about Lucifer?

  14. A lot of the gods are really nice and interesting. Some are jokers, some just have no patience, but all very respectful. Be mindful of whom you speak with, and always be respectful when talking with them. Ouija board or not, ask good questions and possibly learn something new.

  15. Dude just because a spirit claims it is Lucifer doesn't mean it is. It could be anyone. Seriously Lucifer would not waste his/her time with this utter nonsense..

  16. No! FYI evil spirits, demonic angels and demon Gods are NOT good or respectful at all and if they had the spiritual authority to kill you they would do it in a snap! I was a spiritual Satanist and I ended up possessed by Lucifer, Sammael and the Gpoetic demons, ALL fallen angels responding to Satan, it's a title! Now I'm stuck with these spirits forever and they won't show you their true colors until it's too late, nothing makes them happy unless it involves misery or death! I get tormented night and day and they photobomb all my pics too it's so annoying. They will lie about whatever they can. I will never have a normal life or private thought ever again. And yes I turned to God for help but if they get contact to your soul there's nothing that can fix it. Stay away from spirit boards and Satanism it's not worth it they can and will manifest and mess you up. And no, I did nothing to piss them off either, it doesn't take much for them to attack and no (physical) body part and or part of your past (emotional) is off limits, they have no mercy! This is no joke it's real please take what I'm telling you seriously.

  17. I won't tell you what you don't want to hear so I'll just say this... You're an idiot plain and simple. You will find out the hard way and I call bullshit on your "100% true" story you probably just made it up and lucifer has better things to do with his time then to waste it talking to you on a spirit board of all things, if it were lucifer he wouldn't be all buddy buddy with you but hey keep playing and opening yourself up to more and more demons it's your funeral.

  18. So I was spent the night at my friend Leah's house this weekend. We got bored and it was like 2 in the morning and we didn't want to go to bed. We decided to play with a ouija board. We started by circling the board and doing a little chant "spirits, spirits are you here?" and then after we would circle the board 3 times, it would go straight to yes. We asked it what it's name was, it spelled out "Satan." After we got over how overwhelming it was because we didnt think it would work. I didnt think "Satan" existed until now. But anyways after we got over it, we asked it questions, some personal about things only Leah and I would know and they would be answered correctly, or we'd ask a question only one of us knew and again we were answered correctly. So we played a couple of times with it, once last night and like 3 times today. When we played last ngiht it was just me and her and at one point we asked if her was goign to hurt us and he said no. We asked how dangerous it was on a scale of 1-9 and he said 9. We asked if we should be playing and he said no. Again we asked more and more and we got onto the topic of God, he wouldn't answer any of those. At one point we asked "what is there in the after life?" and he just spelled out over and over "me, me, me" As if there were only Satan in the after life. Today when we played we first played by ourselves and while we were playing Leah was asking things that only her dad would know about her mom and it was answering so we took the answers and compared them to what her dad was telling us later in the day and it was all true. Then we played with her brothers, and at first nothing was happening, but then all of a sudden it startedd spelling out "me" again. so we would say goodbye eachtime. Also I remember today when we were playing, we asked if it was satan from last night, and he replyed, no. And spelled out "Lucifer" we were confused but rolled with it. We asked if he would hurt us. He said yes. We asked when. He said tongiht. We asked why. He said no over and over. We asked if he would hurt those around us. He said yes. I asked why do you want to hurt me? (with an emphasis on me) and he replyed not you. I asked will you hurt Leah? he said yes. We were pretty freaked. And I still am, for her. I dont want her hurt. Also I'm not sure if he will hurt me as well. I scred for myself as well as her. so yea. I'd like some advice. Please email me at

  19. I do not believe that Lucifer would really communicate through an Ouija board.. it was probably the embodiment of an aggressive spirit.. if you think about it Lucifer doesn't need a board to communicate with you.. nor would he say that he's loosing any kind of energy.. my suggestion is to never never never use a Ouija board alone and do not make a mockery of it.. I'm not saying that you are per say I'm just including that for other people who use spirit boards... in order to use a board safely you have to bless it first... you will not be attacked unless you are weak willed... if anything bad starts to happen discontinue use and burn it immediately... always have at least three people total using a board.. I take blessed objects and put it on the four corners of the board before beginning...I say a prayer and light white candles and smudging is always good.. just remember the board is not a game and not a joke... spirits can and will attach themselves to you... it's is draining and exhausting and can cause your to become aggressive towards those whom you love... if you feel that you are being spiritly attacked say the Latin possession excorcism out loud... don't worry you don't have to say the words exactly correctly but try... this will definetly help.. there a difference in having a spirit attached verses having a spirit trying to possess you... just be mindful in that which you play with..

  20. This happened to my mother when she was a young woman as well. She and her family were over at the home of a neighbor, I believe it was, who happened to have received a Ouija board for Christmas and everyone got to playing it. I guess during the course of the conversation with it, they asked it who it was and it spelled out "O-U-I-J-A." Then they said, "Well, we KNOW you're Ouija. But who are you REALLY?" and it spelled out "S-A-T-A-N." My mom said they quit playing immediately and I think the light went out or something really spooky, which scared them half to death. She hasn't touched one since and she's a senior now. True story.

  21. Every time I have asked a Ouija if Satan was real, the light source immediately went out. Once we were using a clock radio with a small light on it and it burned out. Another time it was the wall light in the closet. Both times it was immediately after asking that question. We have had the Ouija describe lots of interesting things, like angels and demigods. Only asking if Satan is real caused that to happen each time. This is true.

  22. i made a ouija board, me and some friends sniffed drugs off it, played poker on it, swore at it then a spider or beetle ran across it as it was on the floor so i squished it on the board, trying to give it potency if it was to work. we started and immediately spelled out 666 in large circular motions, then straight after spelled L U C I F E R again in large swinging circular motions. i then asked it to name an old friend who took his own life, no one else who was present knew this guy so to be sure i wasnt influencing the board i kept my finger on the glass but turned away and asked my friends to tell the name what it spelled out. it spelled his name perfectly. at this point i didnt want to play anymore as i realized it was pure evil. ever since that night my life has gone down hill in every respect. i lost my job, girlfriend, friends, mental health, ended up in jail for 3 months, fell out with family and more. i link these events to the board, unfortunately it wasn't destroyed and was left in my friends old flat when he was evicted. i now know retrospectively these actions and play was a real bad move! real bad! and now im trying to find out if theres anything i can do? when i look at myself in the mirror i see evil, iv tryed praying to god, telling the spirits to leave me but other than that i dont know what else to do..... can anyone please give me some advice or method of severing the ties i believe i have to this evil. this is the gods honest truth and i am actually begging for some sort of help. my name is Jacob.

    1. Yes, Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and save you.He willn at that very moment Jacob. He truly loves you!

  23. i just played the ouija board last night and today. A spirit i talked to back in march contacted me again. I'll say his name is marcus (i dont want to reveal his name). Yesterday I did it with two other people, but they weren't playing. I was the only one playing with the board. Marcus and I talk privatly through my head, and would only answer questions from my friend if I asked him to. We talked for quite a while, but told me that he was my escort. Told me that he wanted to protect me from Satan, that Satan wanted my soul. He only wanted to talk to me, and he didnt like my friends. I asked him if Satan was here with us, and he said He was behind me. I've only been able to contact Marcus at my dad's house. Anywhere else I wouldnt be able to contact me. After a while we agreed to leave.

    I played again when i woke up the next day. I tried to contact Marcus again. He wasnt the one who replied. It would repeat "J" And "S". I would always ask who it was, but it kept going from "S" then counting up from one, i would usually tell it go to a letter, or stop it myslef from counting all the way to zero. I finally asked if it was Satan. And the spirit said yes. i would force it to Goodbye, and try contacting Marcus. This time Jack (not his real name) another spirit answered, he was another spirit i talked to a lot, but i didnt trust him. I've asked before him he knew Marcus, and they know each other. Today he said that Marcus was bad. That I shouldnt trust anyone I talk to on here. Then he left. I tried to Contact Marcus again, I would ask if he was there. It spelled out "Stop", and said Goodbye. I tried contacting him again, I wanted to know why the spirit said stop. Instead "Satan" came back and kept trying to repeat the count, and I would alwasy stop him. I asked him if he wanted to be released. It said yes. I guess I was be forceful, and I kept telling him to bring Marcus here, he kept saying "no", then try to count again. He did all the signs of wanting to be released. going into the corner, counting. mkaing figure 8, trying to say triple six, and going throught the whole alphabet. I half yelled to bring Macrus here. It didnt listen and i forced Goodbye. I tried contacting Marcus again. And it spelled stop, before it went to goodbye, i asked who it was. it didnt reply. I asked if it was Macrus. it siad Yes. I asked prove it, and it spelled out "I love you too". I beleived it was him. Then he said to stop again. He wanted me to stop playing ouija, told me i was going to get hurt. That October 23, i would be possesed. I was going to ask if he was trying to help, he spelled "I love you", "Stop", "Satan", "Soul". And he went to Goodbye.

    I plan on playing agian later. and try contacting him. Jake, and Marcus don't like each other. Marcus told me before that they are trying to hurt me and that he was bad himself. There is some info I kept out. I asked him if I could share some, he said "NO". I currently feel nothing, as if its calm. I hope this doesnt sound like a lie, i'm not good with stories. This is my experience.

  24. I've also talked to a little girl on the board, she likes messing with us. tries to scare us, lies to us. But always aplogizes. We believe shes good. I do too. BUt I sometimes believe its not her.

  25. I was at one of my friend's house one night, (Let's call her Sin, short for Sydney, just because) and I started talking to her about playing a Ouija board together because I've done it before with some of my other friends. Out of nowhere she mentions that it would be cool to contact Lucifer. I think about it for a second and agree with her. Sin went on her phone and looked up things about Lucifer, mostly Lucifer stories like these. We read them together and we started to feel a creepy cold chill in her dark room while we were reading them. The next night she spent the night at my house and I made a Ouija board. I invited one of our other friends in on what we were doing, too(Let's call her Lex). We sat down in the middle of my room and put the homemade Ouija board in the middle of us. He introduced himself as "Satan". Sin realized that it was Satan/Lucifer and she started to get more excited then scared, we asked questions such as, "Are you going to harm us?" "No", "Do you like us?" "Yes", It was a huge relief. I, as an animal lover, have many pets and I asked if he was going to hurt them, he said no but he didn't like them either. At first we were really freaked out so when he said something relieving we said,"Oh thank God!". That was a HUGE mistake. Never mention God or cuss when first talking to Lucifer or around him. He does NOT like it. He didn't like me for saying God's name, he said "DIE" like almost everyone else's encounters with Lucifer. He did however accept my apology. I have no idea why but he really took a liking to my friend, Sin. Lucifer can talk to you in your mind and let you see him. As can other spirits if they become powerful enough. That happened with Sin. Sin can now talk to Lucifer in her mind. I find that very fascinating. Lucifer liked us, we asked him why and he said because we were girls and he liked our energy. Then Sin asked this question, "Did you talk to us on the Ouija board because we were talking about you last night?" "Yes". A couple weeks later we are so familiar with Lucifer now that we ask him questions all the time and he considers us to be his friends.



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