Sunday, August 15, 2010

Truth or Dare and the Ouija Board Sleepover

I will never forget her. Jenna was my best friend. She was mostly my sister, since I had no parents. My relatives were on the other side of the world, though I never knew where. They had no idea that I was an orphan, so I had to stay with Jenna and her mother. A few years later, it was her birthday, and she decided to have a sleepover. There were 4 of us. Me, Jenna, Elissa and Aamna. This was when the nightmare began.

We ended a game of Truth or Dare, then we had a vote of what to do next. Somehow we ended up choosing to play the Ouija Board. Jenna pulled it out of the back of her closet. It was brand new, and she said that she was saving it for the party. We all watched as she set down the board, then the magnifying glass thing. "This might not be safe," she has said. "So I'll be the one doing it."

Jenna lightly put her middle and index finger on the magnifying piece, then the same with her other index and middle finger. She stared hard at the board, concentrating, focusing. She chanted something, I forgot what it was, then waited. We all waited, anxious. Then the piece began to move; it vibrated lightly under Jenna's fingers. Someone squealed.

"Ask it something!" urged Elissa.

Jenna swallowed and licked her lips. She then stammered, "h-h-hello?"

The magnifying piece slowly slid to W. Aamna grabbed a pad and a pen from a desk, then wrote the letters as the piece slid down the board: W, H, A, T. "what?" I said, confused, then noticed there was more. D, O, Y, O, U, W, A, N, T.

Aamna quickly scribbled on the pad, then tilted her head. "'what do you want'...?"

Jenna, surprised, quickly said, "oh, we don't want anything, we're just trying this game out"

The piece scraped along the board, and spelled out, 'this is not a game'

"Jenna," Elissa said, shaking her shoulder. "are you SURE you're not moving that?"

"n-no," Jenna responded, staring at the board. "I think we should pack this away,"

Then the room started getting icy cold. A chill ran down my spine. I knew something was going wrong.
Before Jenna could slam the things back in it's box, the piece moved again. Her hands were practically glued to it. The piece was darting faster and faster around the board, and poor Aamna had to write faster and faster to keep up.

'You have done something wrong,' the board spelled. 'its rude to leave someone without saying goodbye.'
And Jenna just dropped. She dropped to the ground from her heels, and didn't get up. The chill in the room faded, but we all felt like we were buried in ice. I checked her pulse gingerly. Jenna was dead.

Two weeks later I had a dream. First of all it was black, and I seemed to be walking into the darkness, then the place started twinkling with stars. I continued walking, then running, and soon started to fall and fall. Then, I think, I was in a room, and standing in front of me was a girl with shoulder length blond hair tied in a ponytail. She had chubby and rosy cheeks. The girl looked familiar. Maybe a distant school friend.
"hello." I said. "You know I'll be watching you," the girl said, as if I hadn't even spoken. Her eyes were pure black. "you know I'll be there for you. Tell Mother I say hello." And the girl just fell flat on her back.
I had woken up with a very tiny gasp, sweating and clutching the blanket. I closed my eyes and tried to remember my dream, then it all came flooding back to my head. That girl was Jenna.

After that, every week or even everyday, I saw something white in the corner of the bedroom, and a whispery little voice as quiet as a mouse murmuring my nickname. "missssssh maaaaaaaaaash..."
I needn't to be scared. I knew who that was.

Sent in by Mish Mash, Copyright 2010


  1. Bravo! Look, I don't believe your friend Jenna died. Why did she die? Heart attack? Surely she didn't just drop dead; the doctors would have found something. The Ouija is very mysterious, I have mixed feelings about it. I'm not really sure WHAT anything is anymore. You see, I played the Ouija board before, and it got very icy cold, and the fan started moving. I made the spirit mad. I don't to talk about it though. Anyway, sorry about your friend Jenna (if she's real). See ya

  2. Nice story! Ouija boards don't work like that though honey xx



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