Saturday, January 4, 2014

January First Ouija Board

Last year on January first, which is also my birthday, I invited 3 of my friends over for a sleep over. I myself am not quite fond of doing those crazy legends you know Bloody Mary and Candy Man and such but I've always been drawn to it. We were just finished with some old fashioned karaoke when my friend Mary opened up her backpack and pulled out an Ouija board. Of course everyone wanted to do it so thus the peer pressure kicked in and I became a victim.

After reading the directions (and waiting for my parents to go to sleep) Mary, Celeste, Kaylin and I lit candles and began to open the board. We asked if any one was there and Mary's hand slowly moved to yes. We all looked at each other and continued with our session we kept asking questions and found that we were talking to a 13 year old girl named Lydia who's birthday was January 2. They all thought this was funny because it was my birthday and I just turned 13. Then out of the blue Celeste starts crying. She starts mumbling about dying and how dare I celebrate death. We would later find that Lydia was raped and murdered the day before her birthday. Mary quickly closed the board and put it back in her backpack.

The next morning as everyone is waking up we bring up last nights craziness and start preparing to take showers to leave. As I'm laughing I go to scratch my back and it stings to my touch. I turn around to ask my friends what they see and Kaylin tells me I have two long scratches on my back. I'm scared but we all decide its best that we don't tell my mom and dad in fear of never having another sleep over. The next day I get a text from Mary "Call me..."

I call Mary and she tells me she had a weird dream it was the four of us in a dark room. We surrounded the Ouija board suddenly there were flashes of different things that would happen to us Kaylin would have 3 miscarriages as an adult, Celeste would have a heart attack, and I would have a family member die of tragic cause. Now I'm thinking she's just over doing it like come on Mary we did a thing with the Ouija board get over it!

I'm noticing little thing in my own house my brothers toy trucks moving by themselves dishes moving in the sink, whispers, and sometimes ill still to this day see a shadowy figure stand at my door way...

Mary wants to find little Lydia again so one day when we were at summer camp she pulled out a make shift Ouija board a piece of paper and a plastic ketchup cup like from Wendy's in our room. I'm mad as hell I don't want to talk about an Ouija board let alone use it again! But she begins anyways her stupid self thinks every time you open up an Ouija board you get the same spirit... news flash no you don't. Afterwards we hear knocking on the doors tapping on the windows shuffling across the floor until finally we ask for a new room....


My advice to you just don't ever use an Ouija board... they suck



  1. I'm gonna give you the same advice I gave to the other person. Sage yourself and you room. Spiritual purification, i don't care if you believe in that or not, just do it.

  2. Get a Catholic priest immediately, because you are dealing with evil spirits and they will not go away unless the priest performs exorcism to rid of the spirits.

  3. Catholicism exorcising may help for a time, sashing won't even though that is what the demonic spirits lead some to believe but you must repent of your sins accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savoir and that is what will happen you will have a Savoir. You may need exorcism or strong holds/soul ties, our other like things broken off of you but it us not got to be a Catholic. I have cleansed my own house and I'm non denominational. (i believe the whole bible not just denominational excerpts) You have hour when you have Jesus. He loves you and will never give up on you so don't give up on Him! He saved my life! Let Him save yours. Real talk!

    1. How do you mean he saved you? I put my trust and whole life in Gods hands thank you for telling these people about jesus and god everyone needs him for protection from evil.

    2. You believe the whole Bible!? I mean, I'm all for it as a guideline, but the whole thing?

      If we want to help these people, we need to find what bothers them and comforts them. For some, Jesus works, not for all.
      Believe in the power of good over evil, mind over matter, and strive to do your best.
      Don't be afraid to ask for help...

  4. Must u push the same Christian exorcism statement onto every story I think reading it the first 30 times was enough @ Will Martin

    1. At least the person was trying to offer some help. You offer nothing but criticism.

  5. Anonymous is right. Plus exorcisms aren't performed on demand. They are rarely done these days.

  6. You should cleanse your house, get a priest in. Also whenever you use a Ouija board you must say Goodbye, even if you don't communicate with any spirits, otherwise it'll give entity's free rein. Don't open doors you can't close.



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