Monday, January 20, 2014

Talking To Ghosts Is A Burden

Basically, I've been very happy... but disturbed at my findings. I really wanted to go through with the Ouija board, and I have, and I couldn't be any more happy/lucky with the results. But talking to ghosts is such a burden.

So I met Fred. He put on the charade that he was human. He did a very well job at it, and I was completely convinced. Once he admitted that he had been lying the entire time, the only thing he was interested in doing was escaping... so I stopped talking to him. This was over the course of three sessions, one in one day, and two in the next. He tried several times to drag the quarter off the board, and if I wasn't extremely careful, would count down the alphabet! It was so frustrating! However... I felt the urge that I had to talk to him again. I wanted to ask a 'demon' or whatever he was questions.

It took me two days to work up my nerve to use the board again. Fred wouldn't stop showing up, so I assumed that he had possessed the board. I put a sticky note on the board that said "FRED" with a heart on it, thinking I showed him. I'm pretty sure he could care less about a foolish human and her thoughts of him. Anyways, over the course of those two days, I was absolutely obsessed. It was virtually the only thing that was on my mind; Fred. I'm almost positive he's willing me to come back to him and set him free so that he can hurt me.

So instead of having the séance in my room like always, I decided I would have it in the kitchen. And it went very well...

I talked to a spirit... no... demon... no... I'm not really sure. At first I thought that it was playing mind games, but it doesn't even recognize itself with a gender. I asked it to give me a random letter, and it said 'F.' So I gave it the name Felix. Though I began to suspect it was Fred in disguise because of the same letter, I think it was telling the truth.

Anyways, we had an okay conversation. It was a pretty neutral entity, at least from what I observed. Didn't get mad at anything, answered questions honestly and politely.. A couple of the questions that were asked--

Me: Will I be like you when I die?
Felix: Yes
Me: Will I be as cool as you?
Felix: No
Me: Is your native language English?
Felix: No
Me: Is it any language I know of?
Felix: No
Me: Is it a language that is documented on Earth?
Felix: No
Me: Is it a spirit language?
Felix: No
Me: Uhhh... do you like your language?
Felix: No
(This is basically why I thought it was playing mind games.... or not taking me seriously at all, at least)
I'd also like to note that Felix was a drifter-- I don't really know what else to call it. Basically it couldn't stop at yes or no, it would just keep moving the quarter across the board and I assumed it was uninterested and just wanted to escape. I later confronted it about it and it said that it couldn't help it. Holy crap all the its in that sentence...
Me: So are you just going to keep going to no?
Felix: No
Me: Say yes
Felix: No
Me: Say no
Felix: Yes
Me: Would you like to hear me sing?
Felix: No
Me: Is it because I'm a bad singer?
Felix: Yes
Me: :(

Then I asked it if it wanted to continue talking and it said no. But it said that it would like to talk again. So now I pretty much have a date with an entity from the other side.

So I'm once again very hesitant to use the board. From all the stories that I've read on this, it seems that continuously talking to spirits makes them more hostile, and that it usually escalates. I don't want Felix to turn out to be bad - I like it! One part of me is telling me that I should stop while I can and another part of me is telling me that I should keep going.

I don't know what to do anymore, but I'm sick of being afraid of ever little stir in my room. Any advice....?

Grace Gnomophobia


  1. You must not play with the board anymore...this is very dangerous and you may attach unwanted things to yourself, stop before it's too late

  2. Stop quickly pertake no more 90% of the time the spirit will act friendly to gain your trust and question what you know. then when it has your trust and you let it in or attach which ever you prefer it will turn hostle....brandon professional paranormal investigator

  3. Burn some fresh sage, and say this:
    In this place and in this hour,

    By the guardians of the secrets of the night,

    Take the keys to my heart

    And close the doors of my mind.

  4. Ok, try burning sage, and putting a thin line so salt across your doorway... That should make things a bit easier

  5. Salt wards against fairies not ghosts, get rid of the board before it's too late. I was told by someone I completely trust that when they were in school some guys used a ........... board and a few weeks later 2 committed suicide, 1 killed the other on the school's church alter and 1 ended up in a mental asylum.
    The school had it covered up as it wasn't something people would like so it's not online as far as I know.

    1. Actually in Japan salt was used to protect yourself from spirits

  6. Salt wards against dark fairies not ghosts. Get rid of the board while you still can and even if your not religious consult a priest . I know from what happened in my dad's boarding school that these thing are deadly, literally

  7. Does Salt Really Ward Off Evil? Paranormal Q&A

  8. Salt does work I've used it when things have gotten hairy during a ouija board it weakens a spirit to the point it won't come back



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