Thursday, January 9, 2014

What The Cemetery Caretaker Said Sent Shivers Down My Spine

A few years ago, I was playing with my Ouija board with a friend. We asked the board what the name of the cemetery was where my Aunt was buried. The board replied "Cedar Pines". I laughed because I knew the name was actually "Rolling Hills".

I didn't laugh for long. Five months later, we buried my Uncle in that same cemetery. While I was there, I told my story to a cemetery caretaker. He stared at me for a few minutes and he asked what year it was when my Aunt was buried. I told him the year, and what he said sent shivers down my spine.

When my Aunt was buried in the cemetery, it was named "Cedar Pines". The name of the cemetery had been changed after she had been buried. I had not attended that funeral so I was not aware of that fact when I asked the Ouija board.

Needless to say, I don't know who I was talking to when I asked my question on the board, but I haven't asked any questions since.

Mark Bane


  1. It is dangerous to be doing such rituals, and I hope that you don't have spirits following you or attacking you, because if you do, you need to get a Catholic priest immediately. You've just opened the door to evil spirits in your life.

  2. You need your own relationship with Jesus a priest should be there to direct you to that relationship first then begin an exorcism if necessary. Stay away from oija boards palm readers psychics mediums tarot cards zodiacs and the likings there of. They can all potentially open doors in your life that you WILL want NO PART of! I used to dabble before I got saved!

  3. I think you just got some knowledge from the other side. No reason to be frightened... Palm readers and the like are not evil, neither is a Ouija board. Just use your best judgment as you would in most anything.
    Best of luck with it!

  4. K so I cannot speak for Ouija boards, palm readers, or taroligist however as a clairvoyant as a catholic and as a man of god....I can firmly say mediums are not evil!!!...some of truly have no grasp on how a gift like that even works. Since I was 10 I can remember a long list of experiences ( none of which I even attempted and with no use of a Ouija board) that most people wldnt believe even if they witnessed with there own eyes.....truth is there are things out there that we don't understand.....but approaching it with ignorance and lack of knowledge is how u end up in these situations....example: who is the evil doer the handgun that kill a man or the man pointing the gun?.....perceptions and responsibilities of good and evil are the burdens of man.....only god truly knows them both......

  5. Sick of reading all the same comments on every story. Don't mess with the board, love jesus.



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