Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't Mess With The Ouija Board!

Hi my name is Ellie and I am 15 years old.

Whatever you do, don't mess with the Ouija Board. Here's my experience.

My best friend was inviting some people to her house for New Years Eve. Bri and I have always been interested in ghost stuff. We decided that we should play it after everyone leaves. I knew my boyfriend Dylan had one so we called him to bring it. After everyone left, Bri, Dylan and another boy named Jack and I got ready to play it. We lit candles and turned the lights off to set the mood. We all put our fingers on the pointer.

Bri asked if anyone was there and it moved to yes. I asked what was the spirits name was and it replied Elvis. Jack asked if this was a good ghost or a bad ghost. The pointer moved to yes. I thought this was a joke, but the pointer started spinning really fast. We all got freaked out so we put the board away. Since it was late, we were all going to crash at Bri's house. It was about 2AM and we all heard a loud boom coming from upstairs. We all went to where the boom came from. We found the Ouija board box on the ground which we found weird, because we put it on the kitchen table. We decided to open it again which was a stupid idea but we did it anyways. Dylan asked who it was and it said Elvis. I asked him if his name is actually Elvis and he replied no. He told us that he loved me and he would do anything to kill me so I could be with him. I got dizzy and threw up. We all decided to go to bed.

I had a dream that I was getting married to a man that I didn't recognize. We were in a church and it caught on fire right after I said "I Do." I woke up in the middle of the night. It was 5:30 and everyone was asleep. I checked my phone and right after I put it down, I saw a black figure right in front of me. His hand reached out to me and I started screaming. Everyone woke up and I turned the light on. I told them about my dream and what I just saw. All of the sudden I heard a deep voice call my name and I wasn't the only one that heard it. I felt a stinging on my back and I asked Bri to check. She pulled my shirt up and screamed. I asked what it was and she took a picture and showed me. There was a huge scratch on my back which made a heart. I started crying because this ghost is stalking me. So far, he's in all of my dreams and I am always seeing him and hearing my name. I told my mum and she told me she's gonna take me to a priest. She has had Ouija board experience as well, it wasn't bad though. I regret playing with this stupid board game.

Sent in by Ellie


  1. Have the priest bless a necklace or a ring, and wear it for protection. Only .02% of spirits can actually HARM another person on purpose. And whatever you do, DO NOT say "I do."

  2. You are supposed to close the board and say goodbye, not just put the board away. If you leave it unclosed spirits get out.

  3. Get exorcism from a Catholic priest.

  4. What else has happened since then?

  5. Find a church home with pepe that will pray for you. See if you need your house cleansed. I have cleansed my house before, prayer works, I saw it with my own two eyes. Getting a real relationship with Jesus is the only way to have stability. You will still have attacks from the enemy but it will not always be so extravagant. Your testimony can change lives. God bless!

  6. Hey Ellie, my name is "Guardian" I'm 16 M and i know more or less meaning of dreams, Wedding and if you see youre in white dress that means illness or dead plus explotion or fire it means dead so what you need to do is to say goodbye to Elvis and make him a pray and go to church and ask for help to Priest.

  7. Hi Ellie, i'm 12 and I think that is should have read the stories because ever sense I used a Ouija Board strange things have been happening. I contacted a boy called Ryan and he is stalking me! Its really freaking me out.

  8. do you think you could share the photo you're friend took?

  9. I read a couple of stories and I learned from them so here's your mistakes you didn't say goodbye or tell the ghost to say goodbye and if it doesn't force it to bye also I saw another story where the girl *always girls said I don't and stopped being bothered

  10. Omg!! You said I do? 😱😱😱😱



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