Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeling Watched And Hearing Whispers Need Advice

I am looking for advice here not criticism and what I'm about to tell you is not one word of a lie.

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was about 10, that's when I started to look into it. I was intrigued as when I was 11 I saw a astral being in my bedroom. She said that she was my grandmother and I had nothing to fear but that did not stop me from being on edge. My father's mother had died of cancer before I was born so I never got to meet her. I told my father about it and explain what she had looked like. I saw my father literally turn white and he soon started to cry, I was apparently not the only one in my fathers life to have seen her. My stepmother and father had both seen her as well. I just got on with it and I haven't seen her since.

Last January I started at a new school and soon made friends just before we broke up for the Christmas holiday this year we all agreed to try and do a Ouija board. So we were sat in the back of art club and we had made a Ouija board in French that day and decided to try it. We all sat around in a circle and took turns, I was first.

They asked "is anyone there?"
I heard my other friend next to me say. "It says yes"
"who are you?"
Y-O-U-D-O-N-T-W-A-N-T-T-O-K-N-O-W it spelt out.

I was terrified all I could do is stare.I wasn't moving the board, so who was?

"What are you?"
R-E-A-P-E-R. Then goodbye.

I don't know what it wanted to this day but I feel someone watching me constantly and I swear sometimes I can hear slight whispers but I can't quite make out what they say. My friend is currently in possession of the board and I know I will never use one again. Can you please try to help me on what to do?



  1. Hey, I have been through something like this before, you have to pray and ask god to help you and take all the bad spirits away, He will Bless your house and help you. Me and Friends got into the board so bad we were using it every weekend all weekend and thought it was so much fun because it ACTUALLY worked! I promise you it was so much fun but we had to stop because it got really scary! sorry :(

  2. Get something safe. It may not have to do with the board at all, but rather the fact you made contact with an astral.
    I use a metal dragon necklace (My Chinese zodiac is the metal dragon) as protection, and even when I encounter a spirit or play Ouija, it protects me from any physical or mental contact.
    It doesn't stop the feeling of being watched, but it helps. I suggest you get a charm (You can wear it under your shirt or whatever) that represents either one of your Zodiacs or what your name means.
    If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, google it.
    I hoped I helped.

  3. Dude, you should try some spiritual purification stuff. Sage yourself and your room a few times a day, that might help. Good Luck.

  4. JohnCena07dx@gmail.comJanuary 8, 2014 at 10:09 PM

    I had also been in this experience what you should do is go to the church
    and discuss this with the priest or pray before you are going to sleep every day

  5. Pray. I was an athiest before I had an encounter with a spirit on a Ouija board. I was haunted by a spirit for a few weeks. When I asked me grandmother for advice, she told me next time I felt unsafe to say proudly "In the name of Jesus Christ, you are not welcome here" I never felt so safe in my life and I havent had any problems since. Good luck.

  6. JESUS is the only answer. First repent of any sins and mean it, you know what they are. Then ask Jesus to come into your life and show you the truth and how to live, tell him your life and soul belongs to him. Once you do this your prayers will make it through the drywall. If you want God to listen to your prayers you must first dedicate your life to him. Not religion but relationship with the Son of God who is the Christ!

  7. John 3:3 Unless one is born again he will not enter the kingdom of God. So first you must repent of any sins you have committed, you know what they are. As Jesus to forgive you and take residence in your life. Dedicate your all to him and mean it. Ask him to cleanse you and show you the truth and to teach you to live for him. Folks if you want your prayers to make it to heaven you first have to accept Christ. See John 14:3 Jesus said I AM the way the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except through me. Experience Jesus and his love, there is nothing on earth like it. You want to feel a presence? Why play with demons when you can feel the presence of your creator who loves you and will take you places you never dreamed. Stop, listen and pray to him and start really living. Everything else is an illusion, a test, pick a side and mean it! You cannot partake at the table of the Lord and the table of demons, you may not drink cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. 1 Cor 1:18

  8. Get a Catholic priest to do an exorcism, because you opened the door for the spirits to follow you around in your life and possibly attack you. Even if you say goodbye on the board, the portal to the spirit world is not closed and now you need the priest to send the spirit away permanently.

  9. The catholic priest guy really seems like he's "selling" the idea of exrocism through catholic means. Yeshuah is the ONLY way. There IS NO WAY to the father BUT BY THE SON. It just reminds me of the quack bob larson selling people cirus trick deliverence. I was a satanist for years and even was able to go iinto christian churches and trick the congregation into thinking I was one of them only to laugh at them seeing their own satanic ways. Yes, evil is in the churches these days. Christians are full of hatred and hyprocacy. It was easy to speak "christianese" and I felt exreme satisfaction knowing that tthese so called christian churchs were so full of filth, easy to fit in for the demons who ruled in me. So basically' I am waiting for delerence my self through Yahweh the true Elohim...but these demons don't want to let go of me......

  10. Some Christian Churches have deliverance ministries that you can br set free. My wife was delivered of some things and she is in a much better mood. All good churches need fallen people to be good churches otherwise they aren't going to have anyone to make disciples. Seek out a church with a deliverance ministry and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Get in the Holy Bible! God wants to save you and love you forever more!

  11. There are multiple solutions.
    You can go to a church.
    If skilled or know someone who is skilled have the practitioner cast protection around you.
    Unbound spirits can be evil but benevolent as well.

  12. You need a paranormal investigation team and a medium/ psychic to help you determine what's going on. They will give you not only answers but often time validation of what is disturbing you. If you are hearing voices at all skip this step and go directly to the clergy for help, and say a prayer. I spoke to the ever famous Lorraine Warren several years back and she told me you can't fight these battles alone. She suggested carrying a blessed object.

    1. This is the best comment I have seen throughout this entire website. You firstly suggest for help to determine the exact problem. Then you have given the perfect advice of which was from a well known and REAL paranormal advisor. All I have seen so far are comments of stupidity and personal opinions. And opinions are all they ever are. "Burn the board" "dont burn the board" "pray to the lord" "listen to muslim music" etc... Then theres the the contradicting ones. "Dont do an ouija board because I have done one before and it was bad...." So if they are so bad and you have been told or known that previous to trying it, why tell others not to? And then theres the young teenagers using these things and writing ridiculous stories of their imagination. If people are going to comment use Anonymous' comment as an example instead of telling each other what is wrong or right. Leave it up to the professionals to decide whats best. And find out what the real problem is first.



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