Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pagan Chants Energy Bubble And Ouija Board

Okay so, this happened about 3-4 years ago at my friend, Shelby's, house. Well, she's Pagan, along with one of her friends, and there were two other Christians there, and me, the Atheist. So she's all, "Hey guys, wanna do some Pagan rituals and stuff!" And so of course the lot of us mostly non-believers at the time were all "Awww yeah, this is gonna be fun and 'spooky'!"

We all gather around in a circle in her living room, around a table with candles lit and stuff, and we say some Pagan chants and form an energy bubble and stuff. So we mess with the Ouija board, no luck, we tried a few times, nothing, so we decided not to go to "GOODBYE".

Well, eventually Laken, one of the Christians, decides she's hungry, so Shelby suggests we all go to a room over to the kitchen together so that we wouldn't break the bubble. So we grab some chicken and chips and head back into the living room together.... Well.... That's when stuff started going wrong....

We all had an "off" sort of feeling, but we tried to ignore it. Shelby suggested we all do Tarot cards together and we agreed it sounded like fun, so we pulled off the palette and started doing the cards, well, we each got the "death" card and it freaked us out, especially Shelby, so we darted into her room because we're wimps and just, nah, that was scary.

So we go into the room and notice her dolls are facing the opposite way they originally were and were now faced towards the door, so we are all huddled up on the bed together, terrified. So Shelby and Kayla, the two Pagans, decide to get up and look outside the door, so the peak out and immediately come right back, they claimed to see glowing eyes and footprints, me being the idiotic skeptic at the time didn't believe them until we all went out together as a group, and I witnessed it first-hand.

We quickly turned on all the lights, which were on before we left into the room, and there's no way they could have been off now. So we turned on lights, burned sage, and started salting all the doors and windows, and we all shared a cigarette and slept huddled together.

Well, later on when I got home, I noticed weird stuff happening, like a shadow person and occasional movements. Whatever that evil spirit was followed me home and it ended up staying in my bedroom. Last year it started scratching me and I'd wake up with cuts and bruises.

Well, the final straw for me to burn sage and salt everything in my room was when I woke up with bruises shaped like hand prints on my inner thighs. So when I got home, I burned sage and salted my windows and doors, including the closet one. That spirit moved to the master bedroom though, and I can't pass it at night without getting the feeling of impending doom.

However, in the lighter bit of it, a new spirit has inhabited my room. I believe it's a poltergeist due to it knocking stuff off or moving something until I notice it, which it will then immediately stop. I also got an EVP of it saying its name which I believe is "Sergei". So yeah, fun stuff, and now I'm pretty spirit prone due to that.

Gilbert Beilschmidt


  1. Get a Catholic priest to do exorcism since that is the only solution to getting rid of the evil spirits.

  2. Your dad have a tendency to visit you in your sleep?

  3. You don't need a Catholic priest to do an exorcism you just need a Christian experienced in spiritual warfare. Catholics are not the only christians able to be used by God to preform miracles.

  4. Ask your brother for help.

    ~Ivan Braginski

  5. In a tarot card reading "death" represents a new beginning or a great change to come



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