Saturday, December 20, 2014

WT Is Chasing My Friend

Since some while ago, I've been dying to use a Ouija Board. I searched how to play it and all the rules and last Tuesday me and my friend decided to make our own. After it, we tried to play.

She let me be the medium and I started it with various ways, none of them worked. Then I remembered that Ouija movie and tried to say the way the did, and it finally worked. We got a bad spirit named W.T, since we were afraid, we stopped.

Today we played again and got him again, then we found out that he is following my friend all the time. We asked why and he said C-R-E-I-S-T she asked if it was because she didn't believe in God and it said YES. I asked if he wanted to say something else and he spelled U-H-X-V-T-G-S-R I said I would search but couldn't find anything.

Before that we had got two bad spirits, one of them was really polite and the other we said goodbye immediately, and a demon, - which I commanded to leave and said goodbye.

Does anyone know what WT spelled means? Could be of great help.



  1. If you ask a name the spirit usually just spells out the initials so his name are the initiald W T

  2. on a Tuesday lol but seriously don't try to contact it again

  3. I looked up WT and it said William Thomas or something like that he is a famous philosopher. I hope this helped the first time I play I contacted a bad spirt. But if it was a bad spirt be super nice and kind or it will get mad and haunt/ follow you forever I learned the hard way but I fixed it.



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