Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did A Good Spirit Lie Or Were We Communicating With A Bad Spirit?

We just don't know what to think, to sum it up.

So, this was all the way back in August. Me and my sister invited a friend over to our house, and one day we got overly curious about the paranormal, so overly curious that we went to 2 stores trying to find one, but didn't, which resulted in us actually making our own!

Haha, but anyways. We started playing with the thing, and none of us took it seriously at first. But then, it started getting real, and truly interesting. We were asking it questions about our future, and we were getting answers we liked, along with ones we disliked.

We kept talking to the same spirit, and we always said a good prayer before and after the session. I believe that the spirit is a good one, because it's been months since then and nothing paranormal or harmful has happened to any of us. However, some things it told us have come true, and some things were true, like facts we didn't know.

Now with the stuff we were told, we're all tearing ourselves down about it, like doubting it.
I just wanna know what you think, if a good spirit was lying, or we were actually communicating with a bad spirit, and it got our hopes up.

Thank you so much for all your answers. It'll be really helpful because we all still don't know what to believe, and it'll be nice not to hear "Its not even real!" for once.




  1. Do not continue to use a Ouija board. I fancy myself an educated person and I can tell you it's not a good idea. Assume one of two things: there are psychological forces at work that bring about a particular answer or you are dealing with a malevolent spirit. The gift of prophecy is only from God. It does not come from a so-called disembodied spirit. If it's not psychologically Induced, it may be from a demonic force. If you've ever read accounts of excorcisms, you'll note the possesed person often knows things about those present they otherwise wouldn't know. This is one of the criteria the Catholic Church uses in determining whether an exorcism-which are extremely rare- may be necessary. Avoid communication with the dead. Avoid astral protection or anything wherein you surrender your spirit to the unseen. Ask for God's protection. Good luck.

  2. best way to explain your situation would be if you was at a bus stop waiting for the bus you will get other people coming along to get on the bus but you don't know these people so you have no idea if they are good or evil. its the same with the spirit world when you open a portal door through using a Ouija board you have no idea what will come through the door they can be manipulative and lie about who they are to gain your trust. never ever use Ouija boards. if you have an interest in the spirit world then I suggest you join your local spiritualist national union church who can tell you more about these things.

    1. You just reminded me of Totoro :')

  3. Always ask for gods protection, it the only way to be protected as god is powerful and can do anything that he wants.



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