Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ouija G Was Actually Zozo

So my friend had been talking to someone on the board called "g". I didn't believe it was real so I tried it on a paper board and it kept spelling "rape you kill you".

We thought it was funny so we continued to do the board and once I was doing it by myself and it spelled "fire" and I went in the kitchen and a pan was on fire.

I stopped talking to it after that but my friend continued to talk to it on her board and it adventually said that "g" was fake and it was zozo.

We now both feel things touch us and the other day my chair moved across the room, and random wet spots keep appearing on both of our beds. This has been going on for about a month and I dont know what to do to get rid of it.

Pnut Selena


  1. ugh I just had an entire thing typed up for you but my internet glitched and I lost it</3 Ill try summing it up.
    Basically, burn the board, the oracle, and the box. YOU MUST burn everything. If you only burn the board and not the oracle, or the box, it will just turn black. Throw those items into the fireplace or have a bonfire, but burn. it. all. People always tell me that's what you are to do, and supposedly it works.

    1. DO NOT BURN THE BOARD ! It will make things worse .. + zozo is a very powerfull demon

  2. I tried this as a teenager, thank God we finished it really quick and nothing happened. Pnut i advise you and everyone here to surrender your lifes to Jesus repent and believe the Gospel. It is demons that your contacting there are no good ones they are deceiving. God bless you all and stay away from ouija boards they are dangerous. We are not supposed to contact the dead, google what the bible says about it.

  3. what you should do is find your local spiritualist national union church and report what has taken place also mention the fact you used a Ouija board unprotected and with no responsible medium present. the portal door to the spirit realm is very real when you use the Ouija board you have no control of who will come through in your case you have a negative energy messing you about because of your stupidity. your home now needs blessing all over using experienced mediums who understand what you have done. goodluck.

  4. Cut the ouija board in seven pieces and then bury those pieces in different spots.

  5. Have you tried drowning the spirit throw the board in a river or bayou it worked for me

  6. I watched a video of a group of kids playing with the oujia board. They got zozo. He is a demon. Unexpectanly the demon kept spelling out zozo getting faster and faster. Then a girl who was playing fell over. She was in a seizer like state like she was being possesed. WHATEVR YOU DO DONT BURN THE BOARD!!!!! break it up into 7 pieces and bury it.

  7. I heard that you can place the board in water and make sure it stays under water since spirits cant travel or move in water

  8. This is a strange coincidence, but I just watched a show called Ghost Adventures on tv where they actually used the board and made contact with that very demon you speak of. Pnut, get rid of the board properly and do not make contact with it ever again. According to the ouija board specialist on the show, Zozo is a sexually-abusive demon. Pray often, but most importantly get rid of the board, but not before ending the coversation you had with it in case you didn't. Otherwise it will follow you no matter where. God bless you, and I will pray for you.

  9. I have recently been reafing several stories subjected to the ouija board today and shortly after this story, i came across a website with a girl saying that a spirit also named zozo had killed her after playing with the board. If this is true the spirit you talked to was obviously evil.

  10. Zozo is an ancient demon and it's name means "the destroyer" and the source I got this information from advises people to steer clear from it if it becomes present in an ouija board session

  11. Cut the board into seven pieces and bury the in separate places. Burn some sage and say a prayer or get someone to bless the house.

  12. Cutting the board or drowning it won't help, it a spirits, it doesn't lived in the board, it amOng us. kindly say goodbye, or just buy food and drinks and offer to them, after that throw those foods away.

  13. Never ever burn the board cut it up into 7 pieces dig a hole as far away from your house and put salt in it put the board in then put more salt enough to cover it -if you feel like it put some sage or a cross in it before you burry it- cover it up with the dirt throw more salt over that then say a prayer for the planchette -never EVER let them touch if your getting rid of them or keeping them....unless your playing- wrap the planchette in black silk put a little bit of salt with it them burry that far or close if you feel like it and again put salt in after you dig the hole place the planchette put more salt then burry it then place more salt over that and say a prayer after that fun stuff you should pray in your house and smudge it as well -with sage I find best results- do this to both boards and at both houses ..... I wish you luck

  14. You need to go through some deliverance Pnut. Zo Zo is actually Abadon. It is likely ATTACHED to you now. Needs to be removed.



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