Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So since I was raised a Christian and Catholic, I've never been much into the paranormal stuff. But after a priest told me something about my soul some years ago, I wanted to know more about this subject.

When I was younger my mother took me to a priest and he told me that I was special because my soul was different from those of other people. He didn't explain and that stick to my mind. So I decided to try the Ouija Board, since people said it was a way of getting answers. This is how my session went:
Me: Are there any spirits here that wish to make contact?

Nohing happened for a second and then the planchette moved to "No"

Me: So you don't want to talk to me?

It went to "No" one more time, I asked why and it spelled out "Danger". I wasn't scared or nervous, just curious, so I continued.

"Am I in danger?"

It said "No".

"Are you in danger?"



It started to say gibberish and do figure eight's and I knew this was bad, so I ordered it to stop and it did almost immediately. "Why are you in danger?"


"Are you a demon?"

"Yes". At this point I was a bit scared because I didn't know how to deal with a demon.

"Then why are you in danger?" I tried one more time, already prepared to say goodbye.

"Tibi" I searched and found out it's Latin for "You".

I asked it if it was because of me. It said "Yes". That's when the weird part came.

"Do you know why I'm different?"


"Can you spell it?"

It stopped moving for about 5 seconds, then it spelled "Angelus" and went to "Goodbye".

I searched again and found out that "angelus" means literally "angel" in Latin. I don't know if this is what the demon meant but if there is any chance it was correct, does it mean I'm an angel? I don't want to play the Ouija Board again but I am left with more questions then ever.



  1. That's an interesting story. I'm glad that the demon didn't harm you.

  2. I would say since you priest said you had a different soul I would believe him, and if your story is true then you are definitley an angel and the evil board did not want to play with you becuase you spirit is that of an angel. I wouldnt ask a spirit board for answers any more, enstead try seeking the LORDS word and he will lead you to your purpose.

  3. I find it pretty strange. Maybe you're the reincarnation of an angel? Shouldn't you go to your local church and talk to your priest and tell him about your experiencie with the ouija board and what the other priest told you when you were a kid?

  4. Go to another preist and see what they say.

  5. dont look for answers,just stay away from the evil board and stay safe!

  6. That was an interesting story but I wand to know why was the demon in danger?

    1. Don't be stupid! You're not an angel! Angels don't play with ouija boards!! I think the priest meant that you have extra supernatural protection from angels... Maybe that's what the demon was afraid of!

    2. How do you know that Angels don't play with Ouija boards? Unless you are one you can't say what they do or don't do. I've lived with an angel my whole life and let me tell you this: she loves japanese food, watches sherlock and likes cats more than life itself. If you still don't believe angels live here disguised as humans, ask for the Ouija to explain to you what Elohins are. I'm sure you'll be surprised.

  7. i can't believe this myths and if you want to persuade let me play

  8. That gave me goosebumps. Yah probably you're powerful, I hope you bring light and love to this messed up world, we need people like you :)

  9. Entity's demons etc have laws in the spirit world. No not like human earth laws. They can not touch a human who believes, is baptised,or spiritually in tune with there higher self. I believe they don't touch certain people for they are not truly damned. The game is to scare... Outcome usually the individual human tormented will turn mad. Insanity. Gifted people are harder to read... Not all is revealed... As some spirits can for tell. If you cant be seen in a for tell one would worry ( the spirit) and will not play games...

  10. I'm glad the demon didn't harm you...i had a really bad experience with the board and two strong demons

  11. There's a character in Buffy the vampire slayer called Angelus, he's the demon/boyfriend of Buffy. He calls himself Angel. He is a demon, but a good one

  12. It probably means that your guardian angel was there and your guardian angel knew that the demon was going to harm you so the demon left.



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