Monday, October 2, 2017

Obsessed With The Supernatural

I have always been slightly obsessed with the supernatural ever since I was little. I always told my friend that I like spirits, so for her birthday she got a Ouija board. She asked me if she could bring it to my house a I said yes.

Once she was at my house I didn't really want to play anymore. She kept bugging me and I kept saying no. Around the sixth time I said no, the Ouija board slid off my table. When my grind out the board on the table it was completely stable and didn't move. So I freaked out and ran out side with my friend trailing behind me. After a couple scary minutes my friend told me we had to play it now, and I accepted. Nothing really happened the first time we played. She decided to leave her ouijia board at my house.

Whenever one of my friends came over I asked them to play, none of them did but one. When we played a spirit came through. I think his name was Ted, I can't quite remember. He told us that he was a firefighter and died in 9/11. Every time I played after meeting him, he came back through. I didn't really believe he was there so I asked him if he was real make my dog leave the room. Right after I asked that question my sleeping dog jumped up and ran out of the room. Me and my friend were shocked.

The last time I played the Ouija board Ted told me that he watched over me to make sure I'm safe I also asked him if spirits follow me around, and he said yes. 8 to be exact. It's been a couple years since I have last played.

For some reason I always feel like there is someone around. Sometimes I hear my name, once I felt someone touch my back, sometimes one of my family members say they felt like someone touched them. I never feel scared when something paranormal happens though. Maybe he and the other 8 spirits still follow me.


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  1. No. The Shape of Water is NOT a horror movie.



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