Friday, October 20, 2017

Weird Experience Whilst Using An Ouija Board

So me and my younger brother had a pretty weird experience yesterday whilst using an Ouija board. My brother who I will name "A" had used one before and had no bad experiences with one, this was my first time.

He began by asking whether there were any 'spirits' in the room, after around 30 seconds the glass moved over to yes. We asked numerous questions, but I'll just post the important/freaky ones. So he begins spelling out his name, which resulted in 'Daddy Max'. Our father was called Maxwell and had committed suicede when I was 3. He then spelled out 'death' so we asked death to who. He then spelled my name, followed with 'bike'. It's worth noting I ride a motorcycle. We confirmed by asking him whether I would crash my bike, which he answered with yes. I asked whether he thought I should not ride any more, to my surprise he answered 'no'. Naturally, I asked why, and he replied with miss you. He even proceeded to give me a date (04/10/16) at this point the colour out of my face had drained. We asked him a few other questions and he answered them.

He then wrote out 'help sisters' we have 2 sisters so asked which one. He replied with both. We asked how, did he mean financially, or with their children etc and he replied with 'Phil bad'. Phil is my uncle on my mothers side, who decided after my father died to touch my sisters in inappropriate places. We asked how we should help, what he would do and his reply was 'death' followed with spelling 'help' out a few times.

Things got worse, he spelled out that there was someone sat next to me (name Unknown) that was evil and was angry with me. He gave me a number of (619)not sure about that so asked him what it meant and he spelled out 'find out' followed by 'evil'. He then spelled out 'join me' so I asked what he meant, he replied with 'belt' (my father killed himself with a belt) which probably spooked me the most.

It's worth pointing out that I'm not/wasn't a big believer in paranormal stuff or spirits but this has made me doubt myself. None of what I have posted is made up, I wouldn't waste my time writing this out. Anyone got any advice, shall I go and seek religious advice (I'm not religious) or should I just ignore it?


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  1. I would seek out religious advice, and possibly consider having your home blessed.



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