Wednesday, October 4, 2017

There Are A Lot Of Rules With Ouija Boards

I guess there are a lot of rules with these boards but I didnt know them. Around the 7th grade, I learned my family owned one of the boards. Very old, and still have it to this day. My family doesn't believe in paranormal stuff and as a kid I was struggling with my ideas with religion.

My school was roman catholic and they shoved religion down every students throat to the point where it felt everything I would do was a sin. So I questioned my religion, and with so many religions I had no idea which ones were true. so who would know the answer? Lets ask the Ouija board!

Not the best idea Ive ever had. It would evade the question and instead have conversations about any of our childhood troubles. In fact it took several months until it brought it up. It was so long ago I don't remember the exact conversation I had. but it went along the lines of 'Lets make a deal. Ill give you the information you want but give me something in return.' I was alone that time. when I asked what It wanted, it played on the trust it had earned from me, saying something like, 'lets think each other like family, I will wait by you and we can meet in the afterlife.'

Typing this out still gives some chills down my spine, especially knowing I didn't hesitate to agree. So it began writing out all the info I wanted to know about religion, etc... and I do believe it to some extent.

What I guess you can call it spirit world looks like?

the skies black, you can barely see in front of you, but there is a light around you.

once in a while you run into others (apparently recommends to avoid that)

furniture isnt always there, often times it appears after the living interacts with it. You can touch objects but they dont move most of the time. and everything looks really old. Tvs when on or other electronic devices are easy to manipulate, but it feels awful.

You can hear static from the devices.


On religion..

there is no God.

religion does effect the atmosphere

churches, or any holy object can hurt you, but probably a different, sinister reason behind it. it stands by the claim of holy ghost or gods being nonexistent


on other entities

Doesn't know what to call them but there are different creatures. it recommends avoiding those, not all of them are friendly. They can latch onto you.


I personally believe some of it to an extent. I will give one warning about the deal thing though, although I got lucky with this being a sort of friendly entity. I'm unfortunately stuck with a poltergeist 24/7. and I went through a lot of sh*t because of it. Ive tried to get rid of it, and years later speaking to it, it intends to keep the deal. Ive lost a relationship due to the poltergeist attacking. Honestly, the only real advice I can give is... avoid making deals with entities, even if they appear nice. once you make a deal, after trying everything it always comes back. And lately this entity that does manifest regularly is getting closer every time it appears.


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