Monday, October 23, 2017

Successful Ouija Board Session Left Me With Questions

Hello to anyone who would read this. As of the time this is posted I have just finished my first successful Ouija board session.

That being said, it left me with questions to be answered.

I made my own Ouija board by sticking two pieces of paper together, and I used a silver coin as a planchette. When I first asked if a spirit was present, it never went to yes, but it shuffled to different letters until I stopped it. It spelled "GHAZTQ". Again, I asked the same question, and the same answer. Until I asked its name. It always started with G and ended with a Z or Q, such as "GASTPQ". It never spelled a familiar name to me, or any name at that. I was also sure that I was not the one moving the coin since it felt like a magnet was attracting my hand to every letter.

Was it a mischievous spirit that I talked to? Or did it mean something else? I really hope for an answer. Thank you very much.

Ernesto Gonzales

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