Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Religious Prayers Opened A Portal For Ghosts And Demons

My mom is religious so she posted prayers on the wall, well that was a mistake because I think it opened a portal which demons and ghosts can roam through my house. My proof:

I was sitting in my room using my phone when I see start to feel a burn on my arm, I look and theres a huge slash on the side of my arm, I run out of the room. ( dads room btw )

I feel a presence all the time

short breaths while I asleep

I sometimes talk in my sleep and scream.

I took a video of my house and I heard footsteps, demon like scream, talking and hearing the word '' help '' or '' hell ''

Getting more scratches

When I was about 6 every night I would have massive scratches on my legs I'm like haha idc
I think the Ouija board might be my only answer to find out what haunting me and if they left yet. also, my stuffed animals sometimes stand on their own. but my friend told me if I play, I might get killed, but I really need to find out the demon thats haunting me and why and how they came, my parents dont believe in this stuff so its hard to convince them when I'm only 12, please help!

- Nicole


  1. seek a church and tell what happened

  2. Show your parents your scratches and the recording of the house....i am sure they will believe you and have faith in god

  3. I don’t believe it was your mothers prayers that caused this haunting since religion is normally what aids in combating malevolent entities. I personally have never used an ouija board (despite my intense yern to use one) but wouldn’t recommend messing with one since it would allow the entity to directly gain contact with you which could end badly. My advice would be to definitely talk to your parents about this and maybe even pray with your mother. I agree with the previous comments that you should definitely seek other religious help ex. a trusted church pastor.



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