Monday, November 24, 2014

Skeptical About Consequences Of Ouija Boards But The Temptation Is Always There

Hey, so my name's Amy and I'm 16. This year I've been increasing my interest into the paranormal and thus thought about using a Ouija board to contact my Step-Father's spirit that now stalks my hallway (I know something's there, he walks down the hall toward the kitchen and quickly into the dining room...we think it's because we have a house plant in there in one of his old plant pots, and that's the only thing of his we have) his shadows and figure has been seen by everyone living in the house, (me, my mother, my step-father and his son, his son [19] has had a conversation with the spirit when he was about 8, before he abruptly left, leaving him confused) ANYWAY..

I wanted to see if I could talk to him, apparently he was a very nice guy and had really funny jokes, and seeing as I've heard everything about him when he was alive, I just wanted to know his side of the story; so I started to make a Ouija board.

Once I was done, I went to my mother and step-father to see if they would help me out.. my step-father went pale and then went ahead to take the handmade Ouija board out of my hand and scare me with his story...

When he was younger, (he didn't specify what age) he was with a few members of his friendship group and his sister, they decided to use the Ouija board because they thought it would be just a 'game'... the first spirit they encountered did not answer any of their questions, instead proceeded to spell out the words: 'B-O-I-L W-A-T-E-R' repeatedly until they warmed up a saucepan of water on the hob, they then went back to the board and it said 'P-O-U-R O-N Y-O-U-N-G-E-S-T-S H-E-A-D' repeatedly, even when it was asked questions... obviously they stopped boiling the water, put the board away and then just decided to watch television.

My step-father then said that they heard the tap running in the kitchen at full blast, then the one in each of the bathroom sinks, the bath, the shower, water was everywhere. In the rush to turn everything all off they all left the living room, and when they all returned the curtains and rug had seemed to spontaneously catch fire and proceed to spread around the house.
No one was hurt, everyone got out and despite that happening, his friends didn't move out of the house until last year.

Since I heard this, I've been really skeptical about the consequences of using ouija boards, but the temptation to use one is always there. I know, I know they're not games and I know you can't mess around just in case you disrupt the demons or bad spirits and such...but I'd love to talk to spirits one day.



  1. Hi Amy,

    I'm Miriam and also 16 years old. I just wanted to say that I once did a ouija board session. A few days ago actually. I was/am very interested in the paranormal and stuff. I did it becouse I've heard/read lots of stories around about good and bad experiences. I thought the only way to really know if it works is to try it. I did it with 3 more friend and one of them was writing everything down. Nothing bad happened. The glas did move and we did communicate with someone. It was a very kind and positive person. After the session nothing bad or unusual happened. I do know that the ouija board works now, but I can't say if we were just lucky that everything went so well or it's becouse of the way we prepared. I want to give you the advice to lit 3 candles if you're ever going to work with a ouija board. 3 is a holy number and I (like to) believe that it helps to keep the negative spirits away. Also when we asked the spirit how it was able to communicate with us it responsed '3 candles'. btw don't ask something about the future! Me and my friends agreed before the session not to ask anything about the future, but my (stupid) friend asked 'what does the future say'. It answered 'watch out for bleu van'... We have no idea who it was warning but it kinda scared us.
    I hope my advise is useful and if you're ever trying to do a ouija board session, good luck!
    (my english isn't really good btw. I come from the Netherlands :P)

    1. Thats weird the spirit said watch out for the blue van

  2. Ouija boards can be dangerous if you get in touch with a bad spirit. I'm a medium so I don't need to use a Ouija board to communicate with the spirit world. I hear and see spirits just like I hear and see the living world. I have used Ouija boards in the past, but I don't recommend people to do it. If you do mess with a Ouija board, please be careful. It's sort of like opening up your front door and letting strangers walk into your house. It might be a nice person who comes in, but it also could be a serial killer or a demonic spirit that comes in the house. I've done paranormal investigations for people and most of the time the reason that the spirits were there was because of the use of Ouija boards. I grew up in a haunted house and the main reason that it was haunted was because of my mom's use of a Ouija board. So be very careful when you experiment with them. You never know what you are actually contacting. By the way I love ❤ reading the stories on here! They're fun to read!

  3. if you have a interest in the spirit realm then I suggest you join a spiritualist national union church were you can meditate in a safe environment to contact loved ones not for yourself that's impossible it would be like a doctor doing surgery on himself. but contact spirit to pass on information to other people who desperately need some form of a sign from the other side. a good book for you to start with would defo be. a guide for the development of mediumship by harry Edwards. goodluck :)

  4. You can find that book on Amazon - Guide for the Development of Mediumship

  5. Spirits live among us, they're everywhere; they can walk through walls and door. You don't have to invite them in. And I don't think church will help because maybe the ghost was not Catholic or Christianity when it was alive. You can't get rid of a spirit cause that will only make them mad. It thier house so you can't kick them out.



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