Monday, October 20, 2014

Footsteps And Shadows Ouija Board Experience

I remember my first Ouija board experience like yesterday, I was like 12-13 yrs. old and my sister just moved into her apartment home. I would go over a lot then started to stay on the weekends.

Some nights I would hear foot steps on the ceiling only in the room I slept in, my sisters apartment was one floor, no basement it had an attic but it was so small you could not stand up, there was really only room for a few small boxes, the entrance to the attic was in a closet on the ceiling you had to push up a thin panel then there was the attic I could only have my shoulders and up to look around up there. Also I don't remember ever watching TV in the living room only DVDs cause the TV would just show a fuzzy screen, so shortly I'm just there watching the screen and I can start to make out images of a women's face or young lady.

My sister never knew about the board, I thought it was hers. So I decide to go into the room I slept in with the board, alone, closed door sitting on the bed. Then I started talking to it or whatever and that triangle shape piece that you move around on the board, in the center I think it was supposed to be clear right? so I stare into the center of that and a brown color appeared, it was like blinking like your eye would then I picked up the piece and looked again I'd move it up, down, left, right and it was like following me like you move your eye around, I freaked out, I dropped the triangle piece took the board and threw it away.

After that I never heard foot steps again nor images on the TV in the living room I hope I didn't trap that whatever it was you know but nothing never happened. I never again touched or looked at anything that had to do with that stuff again. But after a few days I started to catch more things from the corner of my eyes and not only at my sisters home, my childhood home I saw shadows take forms and shape, witches jumping out of a dresser like closet on and into the walls, snakes coming out the ground. This one home I was in I was with my sister she was visiting a friend, there both upstairs and the door bell rings I look threw the peep hole I saw a white man, blonde hair with glowing red eyes, I backed up away from the door, it rang again something made me look again and no one was there.

Back to my sisters home just across the yard was a park, I was sitting on the merry go round looking at her house then some reason I just focused and looked directly into the window and I saw like if a little kid ran pass the window only seeing the top oh its head, it had red hair. I ran to the house cause my sister was there and I just started looking all around closets, cabinets and under the beds and nothing. I seen many things after my experience happened and heard more stories about the board on how you get rid of it or if you burn it that you can hear like screaming from the board, I wonder what I did but I really don't want to know now.

I heard and seen a lot when I was younger even felt things, nothing harmful happened to me ever but why was I able to see this. I heard stories of just looking at people and they would just snap cause I was told a bad spirit or demon had a head lock on someone and that person was angry, that was crazy even heard of the cartoon the Smurfs, my mother had crazy child experience about this. Till this day Why me? I came to no harm but still why I even had a time whenever I'd look at the clock am or pm I would catch the time 9:11 and someone or someone I know would get hurt or pass away. The Spirit world is real.....



  1. This literally confused me so much. It made no sense at parts...

    1. Agreed. It was pretty confusing.

  2. I dont know but this happens to me soooo much, whenever I look at the clock unintentionally it is is never 9:10, or 9:09, why does this happen? But I haven't fortunately experienced anything else. Never played with a board.

  3. I want buy one see what's in for me????



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